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Performance still messy... on 19.03.2017 @ 19:20
  As you might have noticed the performance of the website and the forum is still far away from optimal. We're still seeing around 4 times the usual traffic, which makes the site "usable" - but not stable at all. We will work on improving the performance and might add an additional server if the traffic stays higher throughout the next days. I'm sorry that we're not able to provide a better performance at the moment. That's why I didn't include a link to a forum thread today either. Our today's gallery features Emily DiDonato. Enjoy!

Emily DiDonato

- The one & only Queen Marry gets ass-fucked! Plus: Some great lesbian ass-play.
- Try to watch this without having a little grin on your face. Tough, eh?! :>
- McDonald's employee beats the shit out of customer who disrespected him.
- Great flick with the cute Dillion Harper. I love her bouncy boobs!
- This is one huge-ass muthafucking rooster. Damn, that thing is huuuge.
- It's just a pass - but it is one beautiful pass. Russel Westbrook in action!
- Ireland Baldwin is a big, drunken mess. (tits out). Plus: Blonde Nancy fucked.
- When you pull a prank on Ragnar Lothbrok (from Vikings) - haha, good one!
- Retarded robber gets shot by somewhat wary guard. Emptied his magazine.
- You've hit the jackpot with a girlfriend like her. Sucking dick like a pro!
- Building destruction - Russian way. Don't they think for just one minute? Damn.
- Electrical transformer has a stunning meltdown. That thing is on fire, literally.
- Amateur threesome. Dude is having a good time with two girls. Lucky fucker!
- If your shooting range instructor is such a moron you need to be scared.
- Rally driver doesn't give a fuck. Drives through a bunch of parking cars. Damn.

Funny Four

Time to wrap things up...but make sure to take a look at those boobies! And also this flexible hotty. Daaamn. This chick is going to finish today's links!

Saturday Babes DXXXV on 18.03.2017 @ 01:21
  Once again 15 hand-picked galleries:

Last 10 Saturday Babes updates: DXXV -- DXXVI -- DXXVII -- DXXVIII -- DXXIX -- DXXX -- DXXXI -- DXXXII -- DXXXIII -- DXXXIV

I wish you all a great Saturday. Enjoy your free time. Cya tomorrow with a new batch of links!

Website Performance & Nekkid Hollywood Stars on 16.03.2017 @ 15:18
Website was/is under massive load, performance will suffer a few more hours/days. Below are a few links to bring you through the day, below that is a long-ass explanation basically saying the same stuff. No update on Friday. Cheers guys!

---------------------- Start of links ----------------------

- Let's start with an angry fat, black woman that crashed into a gas station store and now charges at everybody around her.

- Here we have another person with a similar issue at a gas station. Looks like he had even more pressure to get gas - fast!

- Aaaand here we have yet again a person under stress. When they have to deliver priority mail. Hrrr.

- Cats are evil but can be brought back on the righteous way.

- Dogs on the other hand are always your best friend. Awww...

- And birds? What about birds? Well they seem to be the dumbest of the bunch.

- And humans? Some of them are good with balls. Like Kaka.

---------------------- End of links ----------------------

If you're a regular visitor of this website you might have noticed, that it's been lagging, not loading, crashing all this kind of things. The reason behind this is like the worst kept secret in history. There's something like a The Fappening 2.0 going on with leaked private shots of stars like Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried (among others).

Rumor has it, that there are quite a few more celebrities to be outed in this leak. The list includes Kylie Jenner - which would most certainly completely break not only this website, but a lot others too.

We received around 10 times the usual amount of traffic and since the biggest part of it landed on the forum where people browse around we served around 8 million pageviews yesterday. That is an amount our setup cannot handle - it's as simple as that. We came up with a solution that keeps the servers "online" for the majority of the users - but that still means A LOT of users are going to get errors and 502 pages. I know that's annoying but there's not much we can do here - of course we could add more server power and many companies and websites would do that, but in our case it's just too expensive to do this for the few days this is going to last.

The website is almost usable again today and if no other major leak happens tonight it will get better every hour and every day.

We will look into options how to handle such a situation better the next time (with servers ready to be added etc.) - but currently it's also almost impossible to do _anything_ on those servers, so it doesn't make sense to fiddle around with it at this moment, when the people are already online.

One other side effect of this "not-really-working" website is the fact that I obviously wasn't able to write any updates and I'm going to a stag night/weekend tomorrow (Friday) morning until Sunday evening - to which I'm not going to bring my laptop - that means there won't be an update other than this one until Saturday (I think I'll be able to prepare the Babes update later tonight). I should be able to do some sort of update on Sunday (hopefully). ;)

Oh and last but not least a few words to people emailing me about how it's unethical of us to post these images.

1. We didn't leak them 2. We didn't take them 3. We didn't even host them.

We are just a place that provides the opportunity to others to see those images. If you don't like these kind of pictures, don't click on the links - it's not like you can stumble on this kind of stuff on accident. But judging from those numbers who clicked on the link - not many of you _don't_ want to see them ;)

So that's it for the moment...time to press "publish" a few hundred times! Cya on Saturday / Sunday!

Funny Pictures DCXLVII on 15.03.2017 @ 08:34
  Here we go:


Last 10 funny pictures updates: DCXXXVI -- DCXXXVII -- DCXXXVIII -- DCXXXIX -- DCXL -- DCXLI -- DCXLII -- DCXLIII -- DCXLIV -- DCXLV

>>> You have also the possibility to browse all images on one page with bigger thumbnails as well. Click here to view the alternative gallery design. <<<

Funny Four

Hope you like the collection! Cya tomorrow with a new batch of links. Stay tuned!

Quick One MCXIII on 14.03.2017 @ 12:10
  No talking just the finest links:

- Insanely hot Nancy in epic flick! Plus: Lucky dude fucking two girls!
- Just one of those 20min fail compilations. To ease into the update. Hehe!
- Retarded construction worker enjoys his 5 second of power. Goodbye job!
- Collection of short sexy clips! Plus: Big-boobed Ashley. Gorgeous! (Pics)
- You might think that Bowling is boring. Well in Brazil everything can be sexy!
- Fat black chick pulls out some serious moves. Damn, she's on fire. Haha!
- Cute face, massive tits - overall solid girl. But why masturbate on a public toilet?
- Now that's an epic goal by Memphis Depay. Another angle. Solid shot!
- Been a while since we had a bull fighter get fucked-up by a bull. Here you go!
- Specced blonde knows how to do proper amateur porn! Plus: Ciara Prince.
- Unusual drag race. A Golf cart vs. Corvette. I guess you know something's up!
- Cocky driver think he's getting away with it. Not this time. Karma caught him!
- Fuck me. This chick is unbelievably hot - but so is this one. Tough choice!
- Two Nascar driver have a little fight. They have to learn from the guy below...
- How the Brazilian police stops an airplane full of drug dealers. Like in a movie!

Funny Four

Sooo, that's it for today...let's get rid off those pants and shake that booty. Cya all tomorrow!

Thong of the Week Vote on 13.03.2017 @ 08:08
  As you can see, there are 3 new thongs online - ready to be rated.

Now the results of the old vote (click to enlarge):

3765 votes

2nd Place:
1454 votes

3rd Place:
976 votes

Bonus Butts

You can now see all Bonus Butts on one single page. Hope you gonna enjoy the latest selection. And as always, a link to our Thong of the Week Archive. It contains over 2000 pictures. Hope you had a great start into the new week!

Celebrity Butts #11 on 12.03.2017 @ 17:29
  Due to the huge popularity of the Thong of the Week Vote and the Bonus Butt post, I've decided to do a "Celebrity Butts" post today, instead of the regular update. This won't become a weekly thing, but I might throw it in a couple of times a year.
I tried my best to find some good celebrity ass shots. I renamed each picture with the name of the celebrity, so if you want to know who she is, just save the image.

Let's start this with some fantastic short clips of some great celebrity asses, you gonna like them - trust me:

I wish you all a great Sunday. Enjoy the free time with your friends and families and try to cherish every moment with your loved-ones, you never know how many more there are going to be. Cya tomorrow!

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