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Fast forward... on 06.12.2009 @ 20:44
  Since I'm pretty late again this week, I won't waste any time on stupid and boring ramblings of my life and go straight to the gallery I put together for you today. Her name is Luciana Salazar and she's a blonde bombshell - I think that sums it up pretty well:

Luciana Salazar
actriz_luciana_salazar_06.jpg actriz_luciana_salazar_01.jpg actriz_luciana_salazar_10.jpg actriz_luciana_salazar_20.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- Wonderful busty Hanna Hilton shows off her perfect shaped body. Smoking!
- And the darwin award winner of the year is this girl. With no fucking doubt.
- It's pretty sure, this little baby isn't going to listen to RnB anytime soon. LOL.
- Uber cute Latin amateur hottie does the sexy striptease thing. Nice body!
- Ass shaker fail. If a women can't even do this right, what else is she good for?
- Football isn't for sissis. Even the small kids have to learn it the hard way. Haha!
- Lady Gaga is retarded she proves it in a very impressive way. Haha, fu bitch!
- How do they call this dance? It's a pretty crazy one. Pure understatement.
- Alison Angel and her wonderful boobies...I could stare at them all day long.
- If you haven't seen this one coming you're pretty much completely retarded.
- I wouldn't name this video "babysitter fail". Instead name it "babysitter win".
- The only place on earth where you'll find something like this is Russia. Repost?
- Little girl learns to fly. I hope she learned her lesson and won't try this again.
- Asian girls with big titties, I will never say "no" to this kind of stuff. Shake em!
- Skimming the ridges in a glider. He apparently knows what he's doing. Respect!

Let's finish this late update with two hot bonus videos. Let's start with a wet, white t-shirt and Vida Guerra and continue with a long-legged chick named Ashley. Good night everone!

2,5 hours in the gym... on 03.12.2009 @ 12:00
  That's def. way too long. It's like your 2nd or 3rd job. You go there and "waste" so much time. Ok, I didn't have the feeling that I wasted time, but still it's kinda weird to be there for almost 3 hours. At least I can now eat a piece of cake, without having a feeling...hehe. Our today's gallery features a new internet model who gave herself the "pornstar name" London Hart. She's the cute girl next door type, I hope you like her:

London Hart
london_hart_01.jpg london_hart_15.jpg london_hart_21.jpg london_hart_32.jpg

Download the secret sex tape of the Croation pop star Severina Vuckovic

- Be careful today, the dildos are flying low these days. Busted amateur camgirl.
- A video compilation named "Driving in Europe". It's full of crazy incidents.
- That's how it looks like when you're not Travis P. and try to do a dirtbike jump.
- The best scene of the most "Swordfish". The striptease of Halle Berry. Yum!
- First ever tandem motocross backflip. Performed in Prague. That's a nice jump!
- The police in Russia got a special task: Remove a tree. And learn to fly. Heh.
- Holy schmoly....this is the biggest lesbian lickfest I've seen since quite awhile.
- Great video that shows us, how our world looks from below. Metro commercial.
- That's why you shouldn't do stupid stuff, when you're drunk as fuck. Ouch.
- Scarlett Johansson got fuckin' awesome boobs. Short, but hot movie scene.
- Cats are not very smart animals. Example 1. Or am I wrong? Here's example 2.
- And because I'm already on it. Another cat video. "Do something, cat". =)
- Say hello to Michelle Moore and her perfect set of titties. They are perfect!
- How is it possible to be this stupid? I'll never understand some people. OMG.
- Wrecking ball smashes into passing car. Supposebly a scene from a movie.

And as the last link of today, picked out a smoking hot webcam babe doing her striptease thing. Cya tomorrow!

I'm late... on 29.11.2009 @ 19:35 usual with the Sunday update. But I'm not telling you anything new here, so lets skip this part. Let's go straight to the better things in life. Like great asses. Our today's gallery is full of prime examples. It features shots from the legendary Miss Reef contest (2009). I hope you'll enjoy staring at these asses as much as I did:

Miss Reef 2009
miss_reef_2009_03.jpg miss_reef_2009_16.jpg miss_reef_2009_10.jpg miss_reef_2009_19.jpg

Download the famous Pamela Anderson home sex tape

- You gotta love all the slutty girls who do a home amateur lesbian videos! Thx!
- Worlds smallest personal helicopter. N1 gadget. Bonus: Forklift show off failure.
- The camera woman was smater than the rider. "He's going to crash". Correct.
- Amy Reid knows how to present her perfect shaped body. It's play time.
- He screamed so loud that he injured the other player. I hate these fakers.
- It's always fun to watch a girl pwnding herself. Gun to face. There you go.
- Hot cars and hot girls - that's always a good combination. Both are pretty hot.
- Wanna know who is the most dangerous gangster on earth? It's him. Haha!
- Home fitness training fail. Yep, that was a pretty smart move buddy. Rofl.
- Cameron is a veteran webcam babe. She knows what he want to see. Yum!
- You should be happy that you don't have to use public transportation in China.
- Awesome table tennis rally. Problem you don't see the ball. Skateboard on fire.
- Sophie Reade is a wonderful busty blonde chick. Video of a photoshooting.
- Uber cute cat video for your girlfriend. Don't let this kitty fool you. Pure evil!
- Great stop motion video. A matrix scene done with Lego. Busty webcam babe!

I wish everybody a good night and also a good start into the new week. Stay tuned. Tomorrow it's as usual time for our Thong Of The Week update.

Twilight hype... on 26.11.2009 @ 13:26
  I haven't seen neither one of the movies and most likely I'm not going to watch them in the future either. The only reason I might take a look at this weird vampire love story might be Ashley Greene. She looks pretty fantastic and every actor makes a bad movie now and then. Check her out:
Ashley Greene
ashley_greene_01.jpg ashley_greene_02.jpg ashley_greene_03.jpg ashley_greene_04.jpg

- Two absolutely slutty amateur girls are having a fun time together in a shower.
- I'm not the biggest Kobe Bryant fan out there, but yeah, this was awesome!
- Russian horses don't like to have a rider sit on their back. Pure pwnage. Hrr.
- It looks like god himself shaped the body of Raylene Richards. Wonderful!
- Take a look into the future. Into the future of hip-hop. As gay as it gets.
- Oasis of the Seas. Stunning pictures of the new biggest cruise ship ever.
- Classic amateur hottie strip video. But this time it's better. It's in slowmo!
- A blonde chick and a treadmill. The result of this mix should be pretty obvious.
- With a model like her, you get a lot of model for your money. But also a man!
- If you drive to fast in Russia, the cops are going to stop you. Just don't stop!
- A dark haired model with a pretty fantastic body shows us what she got. Yum!
- Talk about balance, this guy got a lot of it...Keeping a watermelon on his head.
- The top ten cycling crashes that will make you go "Ohhh". The last one wins.
- Testing a merry-go-round. Russian style. These people are so fucking nuts.
- This is an awesome video compilation of amateur chicks getting caught. HA!

Sorry for being a lil late again...I was sitting in front of the PC for hours but didn't get anything done. I think it's the weather! Cya tomorrow!

Nikon D3000 on 22.11.2009 @ 20:59
  I got myself the Nikon D3000 digital camera this weekend and already played around with it for a bit. But since I don't know shit about how to use the gazillion of options of this cam 99,99% of the pictures I took are crap, but as soon as I made some shots which are worth to be shared, you'll be the first ones to see them. Our today's gallery features the angels of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009. As every year got the best and biggest gallery on the net - 105 HQ pictures are waiting for you:

Victoria's Secret Show 2009
victorias_secret_2009_008.jpg victorias_secret_2009_044.jpg victorias_secret_2009_032.jpg victorias_secret_2009_065.jpg

- You want to score hot girls? Get a boat and you're all set. This video proves it.
- See kids, this is what happens when you use steroids. They let your brain melt.
- Sewage Surfing. You better make sure not to fall into this soup. Oh my god...
- Hanna Hilton and Jaime H. if this isn't a good combo, I don't know what is.
- This video is pretty stupid, but I still had to laugh. Bonus: Dangerous corner ball.
- Doing these complex lip dubs with a whole university seems to be a new trend.
- WTF? Big sister on webcam gets felt up by her little brother? What is that shit?
- Miss Gay. This is wrong is so many ways. But it ends up being uber funny. LOL.
- Say hi to the worst male "pornstar" on earth. No erection, but an ejaculation.
- You'd better make sure not to wash your car at this place. What a surprise.
- Holy mother of god, this woman got an amazing rack...can't stop watching her!
- Discussion between two cats...and one of them got betrayed. That's hilarious!
- Kate is in the internet model business since ages, but she's still pretty hot!
- If only the news would be always this entertaining, everybody would watch em
- Damn, this is crazy. You actually don't need any money to buy food in the US.

Sorry for the delay today...I hope I made up for it with the Victoria's Secret gallery...hehe. Cya tomorrow!

Fuckin' malware on 12.11.2009 @ 17:52
  Yesterday evening I was surfing some regular websites and got a pop-up. Nothing special here. But this piece of shit instantly injected an insane amount of bullshit into my PC. I had a hard time to get rid off it again (and I didn't click on anything btw.) But today I noticed something was still left on my PC causing problems. Some people recommend to use ComboFix to clean my PC. It worked pretty well, but now I noticed my eMail program is broken and even though the data is still there, I'm not able to open the accounts. I'm so mad right now...even our today's celebrity hottie Minka Kelly can't bring me down again:

Minka Kelly
minka_kelly_01.jpg minka_kelly_02.jpg minka_kelly_03.jpg minka_kelly_04.jpg

- Brianna Love's ass must have been shaped by a old, greek God. Perfect!
- Fedor Emelianenko vs Brett Rogers in Strikeforce. It was a great fight!
- Some people are just nuts. He jumps from the 4th floor into a heap of snow.
- Absolutely wonderful brunette webcam girl shows off her great body. Yum!
- I'm not sure what these two cute girls were trying to do. Massive face plant.
- Just because you can spend $1,5 million on car, doesn't mean you can drive.
- The only reason I would watch wrestling is because of the hot ring girls.
- If there's no road, you can always drive up the stairs. Like this guy. Cool.
- This mechanic can change your engine belt while you drive. That's a skill too!
- Chick gets naked at a public lake. The local guys are look pretty interested.
- Damn, that's a fucked-up disease. His bones grow faster than his body.
- How can he even smile after he just completely busted his nuts. I don't get it!
- Shay Laren's boobies got the perfect shape. Not too big, not too small. Right!
- Just another of these faked wannabe viral videos. It's getting kinda old, eh?
- Pretty bad street rap battle turns into a similar bad street fight. Pussies!

Sorry for the delay. But I'm still trying to get my email tool working again (which was fucked-up by the anti malware software). Importing over 30k emails is a big pain in the ass! Bye bye!

Pretty ill... on 09.11.2009 @ 03:45 might have noticed the Saturday update wasn't online on time, like I expected already on Friday I got pretty sick. Of course after my doctor told me that I'm basically healthy. I had to go an emergency doctor and wait there for like three hours. Got tested for "acute infectious adenitis" negative - at least something positive. Anyhow today I feel slightly better, even tho that I still got a massive sore throat and I'm almost not able to swallow. I know it's worse when you're a women, but it still kinda sucks! ;) Our today's gallery features a pretty popular busty Czech model named Zuzanna Drabinova. She got a great body:

Zuzanna Drabinova
zuzanna_drabinova_01.jpg zuzanna_drabinova_02.jpg zuzanna_drabinova_03.jpg zuzanna_drabinova_04.jpg

- Hanna Hilton and a slutty blonde friend having a lesbo session on a couch.
- Brazilian showoff loses control of his scooter and goes flying without it. Ha.
- Some angry UFC fighter destroys a door. What's the story behind this?
- Amateur girls plays with her "best friend" and his name is "dildo". Fun times!
- A bike stunt fails...miserably. But he could turn it into a frontflip, that'd be cool
- I know that Hockey is a brutal sport, but damn, this was a fucking serious hit.
- Motorized human catapult faceplant. Sounds weird? Watch it, it's funny. Hehe.
- Sammie Pennington yet another British girl with set of perfect boobies. Yum.
- Rage - kinda cool short flimlet by two guys. With Jessica Alba in Sin City.
- Internet hottie Ashley proudly presents her well-trained body. What a tease.
- Guess that's what soldiers do, when they are bored. Give away hand grenades.
- Oh yes, that's a mighty fine pair of boobies. I could stare at them all day long.
- And you thought it's easy to do a "Jumping Jack". Well, apparently, it's not!
- Put Michelle Marsh and Lucy Pinder in one video and you got yourself a winner!
- Now that's a geeky but cool tool. The knock-lock. You never need a key again.

It's already way too late and I should have been in my warm bed since hours. I'm sorry for the delay, but that cold or whatever it was/is seriously knocked the shit ouf of me. But the Thong Of The Week update should be online right on time tomorrow.

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