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Saturday Babes CLXXXII on 10.01.2009 @ 13:09
  Once again 15 hand-picked galleries:

Last 10 Saturday Babes updates: CLXXI -- CLXXII -- CLXXIII -- CLXXIV -- CLXXV -- CLXXVI -- CLXXVII -- CLXXVIII -- CLXXX -- CLXXXI

The new year starts good... on 08.01.2009 @ 14:19
  ...ok, I still haven't been in a gym since almost a month, but besides that I'm happy how things work out. I have to spend 6-7 hours in front my PC, but I guess that's necessary if you want to get things done. I hope everybody's resolutions for the new year are going good too so far. Our today's gallery features a sexy dork. Her name is Olivia Munn and she's the sexy host of a computer game TV show, called G4:

Olivia Munn
olivia_munn_01.jpg olivia_munn_02.jpg olivia_munn_03.jpg olivia_munn_04.jpg

- Pornstar Ashlynn Brooke does a little striptease for us. Plus some fingering!
- Be careful with the Police in Oakland, they might shoot you for no real reason.
- This baby does what we all should do with presents we don't like. Hehe.
- Take a look this sexy chick, named Carlee Ranger. FHM's hot lingerie gudie.
- You think you have been in a big bowling center? I bet this one is much bigger.
- It sucks when you're an host of a call-in TV and you're too stupid to hang up.
- I like big boobies, but this woman is disgusting. Def. not helping my fantasies.
- What kind of circus is that? The circus of fallen stars? Faceplant, after faceplant.
- That's a flexible girl...I'd like to see what's possible to do with her in bed. Hrrrr.
- Wanna know how 50 Cent lives? Watch this video, yeah, pretty big house.
- A monkey tries to rape a goat. Haha, he acts like a human...well almost.
- Asian chick walks half-naked through the woods. Senseless? Yes! Who cares?!
- It's pretty obvious that this kid will be a stunt driver one day. Massive faceplant.
- Hell yeah, that's one sexy blonde chick. Posing in her bathroom. I want more.
- Two guys longboarding down a huge hill. They're pros, but still...holy crap.

So, that's it for today, I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I did. Cya tomorrow with a new batch of links.

Short trip... on 04.01.2009 @ 14:41
  I've been snowboarding with my gf for the past two days. The weather was great, but after the 3rd ski-run she fell down and hurt her back. The pain was too big to go snowboarding again, so we drove home today. You know that I'm a huge fan of hot webam girls. I found a perfect example today, her name is: Gisele. I love Gisele. She got everything horny men are looking for when they want a sexy webcam strip:

Love Gisele

- Great video compilation of sexy Wii playing girls. Except the first one. Sorry.
- World first double back flip on a sledge. Cool idea...and well done. Props!
- You think Football is such a manly sport? Take a look at this "gay" referee.
- Talk about perfect shaped boobies. This chick got a pair of them. Hell yeah!
- Biker crash from a heads-on camera. It doesn't need to be your fault. Ouch.
- Girls shooting with guns. I don't get the hype. Video 1 and here's video 2.
- The dangers of rimjobs. It's a stupid idea in the first place...kinda disgusting.
- If you want to be a cheap Copperfield, buy this cube and impress 3 year olds.
- Violet is a sexy webcam chick who does the rocker thing. Nie curves tho. He.
- Holy crap, she gave birth to a 14-pound boy. I see the Atkins diet coming at 3.
- Looking for a new way to hurt your best friends? Build yourself a laser gun.
- It looks like a totally modified BMW, but actually it's a totally modified Nissan.
- I just had to repost this amateur video. She's just so fucking hot. Yadda!!!
- Christmas Morning. This is a hilarious sketch. I feel bad for that poor, little boy.
- Quick and painful sucker punch. The sounds of the camera man are more fun.

I'm a little late today, but like I said, just a little. Have a nice Sunday evening and come back tomorrow to check out the new Thong Of The Week vote.

Welcome to 2009 on 01.01.2009 @ 19:30
  I hope you had a good start into the year 2009. I had a rather smooth start into the new year. I didn't drink too much, although I've celebrated New Year's Eve in a hall full with Russians who drink one Vodka shot per minute. If you got a cool story from your New Year's Eve tell us about it, in the comment section. Our todays gallery features the Playmate of the Year 2008, Sara Jean Underwood. I bet she was the prom queen in her high school, she's just perfect girlfriend material:
Sara Jean Underwood

- Let's hear the pretty voice of yours: "Pffff". Pussy fart blopper...haha.
- This cat needs to fight like Neo from matrix. Against a bunch of dog puppies.
- Haha, he's most likely the worst dirt bike rider in history. 1 person view.
- What a naughty couple. They are doing it in an elevator. With open doors...
- Top 10 submissions of 2008. They ain't got no breath anymore. Yep.
- Brawl breaks out at a mall in Wisconsin. There are fists flying left and right.
- Her name is Danae and she's an blonde angel who landed on our screen.
- Top ten worst teen whores from Maury. Somebody needs to slap their asses.
- The next toplist, 12 famous people falling down. Not all of them are famous.
- That's how it looks like when they offer cheap laptops in Russia. Hardcore.
- Lucia Tower is one smoking hot brunette. She got the right curves. Hawt.
- Guy does 8 tricks in a row...nothing really special, but ok. I can do that too!
- Haha, what an old pervert he got strippers hidden everywhere and got cought.
- A new gravity flash game. You ride a motorcycle...I love these kind of games.
- How to destroy almost an entire warehouse with one quick move. Darwin!

I'm sorry twice today...first I'm sorry that it took me so long to write the todays update. And 2nd I'm kinda sorry for posting the "unfunny" picture in the last update. But like one guy posted that's "the internet".

New Year is around the corner... on 28.12.2008 @ 12:00
  ...and what are you're plans for New Years eve? Any special ideas? My gf and I are still undecided what we should do. I would like to go snowboarding somewhere, so we might stay in Vienna for New Years Eve an go to a ski resort the days after. We will see
Our today's gallery features hot cyber girls...or better said real girls who act in a computer game. I'm talking about the Women of Red Alert III. Hot girls can turn every computer game into a good thing:

Women of Red Alert
women_of_red_alert_01.jpg women_of_red_alert_02.jpg women_of_red_alert_03.jpg women_of_red_alert_04.jpg

- How about a virtual lap dance. I want one - that's for sure, lady.
- I was wrong on Friday. THIS IS the worst ski jump in history. Damn.
- He's 23-years old and already got 7 kids...he's one fucking busy dude.
- Hot college girl gets interrupted while masturbating in public. What a slut...
- Henrietta and Merna wish you a happy x-mas. As ugly as it gets. Holy crap.
- That's what I call an well executed prank. I feel sorry for the pranked kid.
- Imogen Thomas has a very naked Christmas and I like it this way. Yay!
- On this website you can find 360 degree pics from cities all around the world.
- It's cold here, but cleary not as cold as in this place. Video compilation. COLD!
- Look what this cutie can do with her belly. Pregnant, or not pregnant. Hrrr.
- Why idiots shouldn't try to drive like ppl in Hollywood movies. Wrecked car.
- That was a short school fight, mostly because this hit was pretty serious.
- What? That's kinda weird...a bunch of chickens react on words. Do they talk?!
- Use the force, this weirdo wearing gym-pants must be a Jedi. A real one!
- Cooking with Denise Milani in 720p...sometimes we can just enjoy the internet.

Enjoy your Sunday evening. I'm now going to play some Nintendo Wii. Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

Christmas Eve on 25.12.2008 @ 18:17
  I hope everybody of you had a nice Christmas eve and happy holidays. So what did you get? I got a Hugh Hefner type of bath robe from my gf. A ring and some clothes too. But the bath robe is real pimp. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a Christmas Girls gallery this year. I've done this in the past, but I just checked and the last gallery was from 2004. So it's high time for a new one:
Christmas Girls

- Just another great Christmas babes webcam compilation. Happy holidays!
- Holy mother of god. This must hurt - like a lot. He did a half back-flip. Ouch.
- Hammer wielding robber vs. clerk armed with a chair. Fight of the century.
- Girl want to ride naked on a horse. New def. of the term "riding bareback".
- He thought he was cool with his snow-mobile...just until he drove into a tree.
- 49 microwave ovens stacked on a wall, all set to play Jingle Bells. Weird idea.
- The best view a skater can have. A girl wearing just a thong in front of him.
- Haha, what kind of weird dude is this? A black, midget ninja pimp. Hilarious.
- Rescue team gets a look at frost bitten girls ass. She was a prostitute.
- Huge gallery of a huge slut. Jodie Marsh. Yes, I would marry her. For sure.
- I'm not a big fan of faked videos who try to look real. But this one is not bad.
- Big-boobed hottie Shay Laren takes a bath. That chick is fucking fine...
- This dad doesn't seem to care if his kids get hurt or not. Stunts @ home.
- Japanese people manges to crash their cars on a huge, empty parking lot.
- Last but not least. Two super sexy webcam babes dressed as Christmas girls.

Yeah, my 12 o'clock routine is a bit out of control at the moment, but I blame the holidays. Have a nice evening and come back tomorrow for a new batch of links.

Quick One CCCXVIII on 23.12.2008 @ 12:00
  No talking just the finest links:

- Great video compilation of various Christmas babes. That's how we celebrate.
- I always sucked in math, but this guy def. does not. He's a fucking genius.
- I love smart dogs. And this one is a great example for a smart dog. Hehe.
- Two Brazilian goddesses know how to shake their asses. That's like heaven!
- Man waits in line patiently to shoot clerk with a 44 caliber handgun. Psycho.
- It's so easy to prank people. Just pull at an invisible rope. Everybody falls for it.
- She makes the perfect girlfriend, swallows a whole banana. Love the bf's look.
- Two white, emoish chicks beat the shit out of eachother - pretty hardcore.
- Car crashes into a bus stop. I think the driver mixed things up, it's a BUS stop.
- Take a look at this dark-haired beauty. She knows how to make men horny.
- How not to fire a shotgun. Watch this video and learn from this moron.
- Don't mess with people bigger then you at concerts. Nothing left to say.
- One of the few things fat women shouldn't do, is to dance. Prime example.
- On the other hand, this amatuer cutie is def. allowed to dance at home.
- That's an unfair fight. Haha, that small dog is one aggresive piece of fur. Hehe.

So, tomorrow is Christmas eve...I hope you got all your presents by now. If not, I wish you a lovely time in the overcrowded city. Cya tomorrow.

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