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I'm getting old. on 03.08.2006 @ 17:38
  Last week I wasn't able to walk, because my ankle was swollen like hell and now I have a tinnitus since two days. Usually I'm healthy throughout the whole year and now I got two stupid things in 2 weeks, man that sucks. Enough whining from my side. Lets talk about the todays gallery. Tila Nguyen aka Tila Tequila, the #1 chick on Myspace is our babe of the day. She got over 1,2 million friends on mySpace, that's quite something. Time to take a look at her:

Tila Nguyen aka Tila Tequila
tila_nguyen_11.jpg tila_nguyen_20.jpg tila_nguyen_31.jpg tila_nguyen_49.jpg

- Yummy, three girls are making it out on a boat. Why not?!
- This guy got some balls. The shows an double backflip on his motocross bike.
- This sniper knows his job. He probably saved a life with his shoot.
- Damn, this is the cutest webcam chick I have ever seen. Is she on Myspace?
- Keyra Augustina the chick with the officially hottest ass on the net!
- Louie and his wife discuss anal sex. The convo is hilarious!
- Nice compilation of various knock outs. Here comes the boom!
- Take a look at Veronica she's a sexy brunette girl. Gallery.
- Small Talk: Do you like my boobs? That's kinda the perfect office.
- How smart are you? Test your IQ online. I had 129...
- Best city council meeting ever! A weirdo, wants to kill an helicopter pilot.
- Just another of these freaky Japanese game shows. Orgasm fake contest...
- Holy shit, now this is a flexible girl. But it doesn't seem to be healthy.
- Noooo, this wedding prank is so wrong. Granny boobie grab!
- Haha, this is fuckin' awesome. The ass pennies. I laughed my ass off

The weekend is almost here. I gonna have to work the most time in the new appartment, hope your plans are better. Cya tomorrow with a new bunch of links!

I can walk! on 30.07.2006 @ 16:25
  Hoho. My ankle is still swollen but it isn't that bad anymore. Yesterday I was on the birthday party of my cousin. Some of you may already know that I was born in Prague and still can speak the language. Yesterday we were talking about hot women from the Czech Republic and a few mentioned Petra Nemcova. She's the new girlfriend of the ugly James Blunt. Looks like it is enough when you can sing love songs to score such top models:

Petra Nemcova
petra_nemcova_01.jpg petra_nemcova_08.jpg petra_nemcova_04.jpg petra_nemcova_38.jpg

- Two girls are getting it on. Love between women is so wonderful!
- LOL. Perfect example for a stupid idea. Slippery issue.
- University of Arkansas cheerleaders at a wet T shirt contest. Oh yeah!
- That's how I like it. A webcam girl is wearing a school girl outfit.
- Haha, sometimes are monkeys so funny.
- What a pleasure. Video of a photoshooting with a smoking hot chick.
- Commercials like this one, should be the only one allowed on TV.
- Just another of these crazy Japanese game shows. Ball slapping
- Full-length DVD-quality porn movies for download, absolutely free. It works!
- This guy can do a handstand tap dance. Not bad, dude!
- Now that's one big ass potato gun. They are shooting with everything.
- Hot Japanese girls are washing cars. Looks good!
- Nice collection of hot summer girls. I want to join them.
- A classic scene. Don't judge too quickly. Commercial.
- Yeah, this is Karma. What goes around, comes around!

Another week is over. Time is passing by so fast lately. I hope you had a nice weekend! Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week vote.

My ankle is fucked-up on 27.07.2006 @ 15:18
  Yesterday some fucking insect bite me in my right ankle. Now everything is swollen like hell, and I'm not able to walk. Sucks, but at least I can't work and so I could stay at home. It would be cool to have a hot nurse around, who would mother me. Maybe I should ask one of the girls from the Pussycat Dolls. Their lead-singer is so fucking hot. Take a look at their gallery:

Pussycat Dolls
pussycat_dolls_22.jpg pussycat_dolls_01.jpg pussycat_dolls_02.jpg pussycat_dolls_12.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- Two girls are making it out. Serious tongue action! That's how I like it!
- Shake what you got. Webcam chick is getting wild.
- The Big Lebowski. A fucking short version of the movie. They beat Scarface...
- Skater grinds 33 kinks. Hell yeah, that's impressive.
- Anal sex, the smart choice for your future. I love this attitude!
- One big fat OUCH. How stupid was that? Nutsuck destruction at its best!
- Headbutts are the new trend. Between models, but also between Jockeys and   their horses. Zidane is NOW really famous.
- Natalie, she's working out, that's for sure. Gallery.
- Looking for nice babe galleries? Check out Sensual Lib.
- The Hoff is the king of the internet. Funny commercial.
- Why female teachers have sex with students. NBC explains! She's so hot!
- A sock is flirting with a hot newscaster. I would bang her too!
- This is awesome. Can professionals. They know how to throw cans!
- Full screen. Very teasing webcam hottie. Watching her ass moving is addictive.

I need to get some fresh air, not easy when you can't walk. Anyway, cya tomorrow.

Long time, no party on 23.07.2006 @ 15:38
  I wasn't in a club since almost three weeks. What the fuck is going on?! It really starts to piss me of, that I have to work on the weekend. But hopefully I'll be able to party next weekend - probably I'll see there a stunning chick like Lonnie Waters. I stumbled over a gallery of her today and instantly decided that needs a gallery of this awesome sample of a perfect blonde chick too:
Lonnie Waters
lonnie_waters_07.jpg lonnie_waters_12.jpg lonnie_waters_27.jpg lonnie_waters_40.jpg

Download the secret sex tape of the Croation pop star Severina Vuckovic.

- Great webcam boobs compilation. With 50 Cent background music...yeah!
- Haha, now that's a real face slap. Krunking, clowning or whatever...
- Bas Rutten explains and shows how to beat the shit out of somebody.
- Video from a storm in St. Louis, a lady gets hit by a trash can.
- Pics from the Budapest Street Parade. 10 times better than the Loveparade!
- I love these Axe commercials, always full of hot, running girls!
- Two cops beat the shit out of a suspect. Story behind the video.
- Here are tons of sexy galleries, just one click away.
- If I ever have to go to the hospital, I want to be fostered by these nurses.
- Another hot nurse. She can fuck me too! Vodka commercial.
- How to become famous on Youtube. So true, with nice examples.
- Cool artistic movie. The wheel of death. Riding it, seems to be difficult.
- I'm sure her milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard. Blonde webcam girly.
- Hehe, this guy can make cool underwater bubble rings. Looks cool.
- This weird guy tries to cross 16 lines of traffic. Well, he almost made it.

Hope you like the links and I also hope that you had a cool weekend, not like mine. Cya tomorrow with some hot amateur thong pics!

I'm sweating! on 20.07.2006 @ 13:46
  The last few days were really insane hot. You start to sweat even when you don't move, it's crazy - and now somebody should tell me the climate isn't changing...So I try to spend as much time as possible at the lake. And what do I see there? Your right, Bikini Girls, lots of them. That's why I put this gallery together, for all visitors who are currently in a country with cold weather!

Bikini Girls
bikini_girls_01.jpg bikini_girls_08.jpg bikini_girls_06.jpg bikini_girls_34.jpg

Rate 150,000+ nude amateur pics & clips. Or get yourself rated! FREE

- You think you have seen big boobs? Take a look at this pair. Impressive, eh?
- Vanessa Branch video shoot for Maxim. She's a gorgeous girl.
- The wonderful lipsync singer Sarah is back. This time she's eating a cake!
- That's how a real bikini should look like. Sometimes less is more.
- These guys developed a new sport. Pug bowling. Rofl, funny idea.
- Scarlett Johansson in the Prestige. Seems to be a cool movie.
- If you like asses you should watch this video.
- Jurgita, a beautiful blonde girl, wearing sexy lingerie. Gallery.
- Video compilation of funny incidents. What were some people thinking?
- Parking lot strip tease. Commercial for sexy lingerie.
- This dude is pissing and shitting on a car. A fucked-up dude.
- Two Japanese girls are licking pencils. Weird folks...
- More of these Japanese. This time the girl got a very long tongue.
- Commercials with two naked girls are always good. Hand-rolled cigarettes.
- This is by far the most time-consuming prank I have ever seen. Mad props!

At the end I want to ask you guys something. Ages ago, I started this contest. It was possible to win $175 for submitting a funny video. But me and the mods were too busy (lazy) to go through all these posts, that's why nobody received the money yet. Yesterday I deceided to donate the money to a relief organization. Please suggest some possibilities, where I could send the money to. They should take Paypal, but that's it. I hope you are ok with this solution.

A bit late on 16.07.2006 @ 18:36
  Lately I'm very busy with lying in the sun , that's why the updates are going online a bit later than usual. But that's just for a few days, as long as weather is so great. Today it was again time for a celebrity gallery and I selected Victoria Beckham. She's a bit skinny lately, but since her plastic boobs are not getting smaller I still like her. I mean basically it's a nice combo, skinny girl with big boobs, exactly what I want:

Victoria Beckham
victoria_beckham_01.jpg victoria_beckham_02.jpg victoria_beckham_03.jpg victoria_beckham_11.jpg

- You know that I like em big. That's the right size, what do you think?
- Or do you prefer this size? She got def. the better ass. Webcam honey!
- And next size smaller. Miss India naked. Also fuckable!
- The only "naughty scene" in Britney Spears movie. Mou...
- Maury's show is the best. The eleventh father test, what a fucked-up woman.
- Video of two penalties. A good and a bad one!
- Full-length DVD-quality porn movies for download, absolutely free. It works!
- Czech girls are hot, especially when her name is Marketa. Gallery.
- How fast do you type? Online speed test. My score 75,8 wpm / 318 cpm.
- Animals are not really smart. Take a look at this bug. Cool idea.
- Can you hold up my skirt? Funny prank in a shoe shop.
- 3D sculptures of each position from the Kamasutra. Good idea!
- Materazzi is the bad boy, not Zidane. Soccer foul compilation.
- Video of a Paris Hilton photoshooting for Maxim.
- Guys, the beach is waiting. Some nice reasons to go to the beach this year.

I promise to post the next updates earlier! Hope you waited until now, to see the todays update. Tomorrow I'll show you three new & hot thongs!

Hot in herre on 13.07.2006 @ 17:00
  I was just chilling at some lakes during the last few days. But today I had to do some work again. It really sucks to go to the gym when it's so hot. But I want to keep my steeled body, so there's not way around it. Haha, I'm just kidding. Hope you are all having a good time. To make your time even better I created a nice gallery today featuring Monica Leigh. She is so damn hot! I'm sure you will agree with me, after you have seen her pics - unbelievable sexy!

Monica Leigh
monica_leigh_01.jpg monica_leigh_11.jpg monica_leigh_15.jpg monica_leigh_47.jpg

Download the famous Pamela Anderson home sex tape

- Haha, awesome bikini scene from a movie, once again, I don't know the name.
- A secret video is showing the training methods of the Italian team. Hilarious!
- Some sexy WWE divas are washing a car. Looks good!
- Money shot. Seems like this guy is new to the biz. Commercial.
- LOL, why should I watch porn at a public library? Some ppl are so dumb!
- Take a look at Elisha. I want to play with her too. Gallery.
- Another collection of smart people. Germany is in the axis of evil. I knew it!
- Darkside Plus might have the biggest collection of amateur pics on the net.
- For all the ladies who don't want to get raped twice, the rape shield 2000.
- Alessandra Ambrosio is such a hottie. Nice video compilation of her.
- Interesting collection of strange statues around the world. Some are funny!
- Ouch. That's an hell of a crash. The BMW is wrecked, that's for sure.
- The chocolate girl - it's good for your skin, she might be too serious with it.
- What is the Meatrix? Cool flash movie, about a serious issue.
- Me against 5 Japanese women, they are licking everything but the right place!

I'm fucking done. I was running around all day long, on such a hot day. I def. need a air-conditioner in my room. Cya tomorrow with 15 brand new links!

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