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Marisa, Marisa! on 21.08.2008 @ 20:28
  I don't know how I could run without having a gallery of this stunning beauty. Marisa Miller is one of the Victoria's Secret angels. Along with Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. If I had to choose one angel it would be a difficult decision between Marisa and Alessandra, with a slight advantage for Alessandra. Who's your No.1 angel?

Marisa Miller
marisa_miller_01.jpg marisa_miller_02.jpg marisa_miller_03.jpg marisa_miller_04.jpg

- Solid sex scene with Lindsay Lohan from the movie "I know who killed me".
- The cops in Costa Rica might be hardcore, but they ain't really smart. Haha.
- That's how the Japanese Olympics look like. One guy and lots of ninjas.
- Just another video showing the wonderful Alison Angel masturbating. Yummy!
- A starting Boing 747 gets struck by a lightning. Looks crazy, nothing happend.
- Kids building a bomb - that must go wrong. And it goes wrong. Into the nuts.
- Finally a baseball fan who knows how to catch a ball. He did a good job!
- If nudity was allowed in commercials it would look like this. Nothing wrong!
- Exhausted athletes give great interviews. Usain Bolt wasn't this exhaused.
- shows you the sexy side of the Olympic games. I like sports! A lot!
- It would be cool if this underground fight wasn't a scene from a movie.
- A big-boobed blonde pornstar tries to ride a bike and destroys her boobs.
- POV: Dorm bathroom. Probably the only downside of being a student. Hmm.
- This cute brunette amateur got a wonderful pair of boobies. But damn, shave!!
- Finally a bunch of guys who do not appreciate sucker punchs. Well done!

I'm off to bed. I have to wake up early, so I can watch the Olympics. Cya tomorrow with a new bunch of links.

Rough days! on 17.08.2008 @ 20:05
  Not me, but the servers had a few rough days. The main-server had some kind of weird hardware problem and the OS was constantly crashing. The website was moved to a brand new server, but some settings were of course wrong and that's why there occured new problems. But today everything should be back to normal. Thanks for the emails, telling me something is wrong. But there's nothing wrong with Melissa Satta she's an incredible hot Italian TV host:

Melissa Satta
melissa_satta_1.jpg melissa_satta_2.jpg melissa_satta_3.jpg melissa_satta_4.jpg

- Japanese girls get off on each other by french kissing and ear licking. Weirdos!
- If you want to know how a dislocated arm looks like, watch this video. Ouch.
- This video shows us why you shouldn't keep a raccoon as a pet at home.
- Two girls and a mirror - that's four girls. I like this view...a lot. Yum, yum.
- Poor cheerleader girl eats a ball with her face. Damn, that was a brutal hit.
- Foot and sex...yeah that's the latest disgusting sex trend. Damn, what a fag.
- This dog can box. Well actually he can't, but his trainer doesn't know that.
- That's the most weird beatbox number you've ever seen. Trust me. German.
- Jelena Jensen shows off her marvelous shaped body. Damn, she's a goddess.
- A czech Women tries to make a turn with her car. Well, that was just perfect.
- How not to wash you car. Can somebody explain me what happend here?
- Space Shuttle filmed from an airplane. It's cool, but don't say it 1000 times.
- I didn't know there were so many hot girls on comic conventions. Damn.
- A chimp rapes a please him oral. Animals are just evil sometimes.
- TV prank backfires. But damn, the victim was a total maniac...fuck him!

That's it for this week. I hope you had a nice weekend and got wasted - I know, I was! Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

Howdy! on 14.08.2008 @ 20:16
  So who you are all doing? I'm doing pretty well, started going to the gym again and do other useful things. Don't get me wrong, I still sleep 90% of the day, but it's getting better. Our today's gallery features a slutty looking woman named Celeste Star. Her mouth is open on almost all pics, I wonder why:

Celeste Star
celeste_star_02.jpg celeste_star_11.jpg celeste_star_22.jpg celeste_star_35.jpg

- Jennifer Garner wearing some sexy black lingerie. Damn, she's one fit chick.
- This old and angry man can't take a joke. Suckmodick, that's his favorite word.
- A polar bear takes a huge dump in his pool. That doesn't look very tasty.
- A stunning hot blondie makes herself happy, by playing with a dildo. Yummy.
- Lacey Chabert got such a cute look. But still...I want to do nasty things to her.
- Myself being a democrat I don't want more wars. I'd rather do the Barack roll.
- Haha, I can't tell which one of these two idiots is the bigger retard. Props 2 bf.
- Now you know why teachers always talk boring crap. They got an evil plan!
- Damn, this chick got fucking enormous boobies. She takes a nice shower.
- It's crazy what you can do with pictures nowadays. New generation 3D viewer.
- Some tough chick knocks the fuck out a guy. What an idiot...he deserves it.
- A female reporter gets totally owned by a huge Zorb. In your face, biatch!
- Some of the greatest speech moments from George W Bush. Ohohoh.
- Two blonde stunners are licking eachother. It's like heaven on earth. Hehe.
- He's so young and already knows how to do the perfect faceplant. Evil kid!

After posting so early the last few days it took me a bit longer today - sorry. Cya tomorrow with a new bunch of the internet finest links.

Wasted! on 10.08.2008 @ 19:28
  Yesterday we were celebrating my girlfriend's birthday. And since she's Russian there were more 1L Vodka bottles then guests. 13 out of 20 people were girls and we still killed almost all bottles. Of course my Sunday morning wasn't that lovely and started with a serious headache. That's also the reason why I couldn't start to write this update earlier. Our today's gallery features one of these uber hot import models, her name is: Jeri Lee and she's a true stunner:

Jeri Lee
jeri_lee_01.jpg jeri_lee_02.jpg jeri_lee_03.jpg jeri_lee_04.jpg

- Two naked, big-boobed girls make out in a pool. What do you want more?
- What kind of curch is that? And what do they celebrate? Weirdo-fest 2008?
- This guy is the Kung-Fu cock master and has a black belt in fucking. WTF?!
- Looks like it's very windy in this studio.Blonde touching herself. She's Czech.
- Damn, these kids are doing some crazy motorcycle stunts on a highway. Insane.
- Do you know the latest internet trend? It's the Barack-roll. He can dance!
- Wet T-shirt contests are like the best invention ever. Who needs phones?
- One of the craziest knockouts in MMA history. Press "reload" to pass the ad.
- This redneck has absolutely no clue how dating videos should be like.
- Some bad comedian gets attacked on stage, by two ugly lesbians. Tztz.
- Kinda weird, but well done flash filmlet. I didn't get the message. Did you?
- Some, young hot chick tries to dance sexy. She should learn from this hottie.
- Cubs fans own cute blonde reporter. She wanted attention! There you go.
- Huge compilation of various skateboard and snowboard crashes. Ouch, ouch.
- Do not mess around with animals. Not with tigers and not with Buffalos.

That's it for this week. I hope you had a nice weekend and were able to get some engery for the upcoming week. Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

I gotta hurry... on 07.08.2008 @ 21:08
  once again, I'm kinda late and have to hurry to finish this update. That's why I'll not talk a lot here...just a few words about our today's celebrity gallery, which features Audrina Partridge. I stumbled last week across some of her pics. I'm still not sure why she is famous, I guess it's because of her gorgeous look:

Audrina Partridge
audrina_partridge_01.jpg audrina_partridge_02.jpg audrina_partridge_05.jpg audrina_partridge_18.jpg

- I can see that she got big boobs, but I can't remember her name right now.
- Video of a Russian brawl. Pepople without a shirt > people wearing a shirt.
- An attempt to ride a looping on a BMX bike. Well the bike made it. Driver not.
- It's high time to post a video of the webcam princess Carmen. Hit F5 to skip ad.
- You think school is always boring? Not if the lab explodes during sience class.
- I really like the "...if they had a comic book" series. Heidi & Spencer and Dollar.
- You just gotta love these drunk & wild college girls. I need to go to a college.
- Evolution of an internet sensation. The famous chip munk. And now the cat.
- It's no news, skater live a dangerous life. Esp. when they plan to have kids.
- I was totally in love with Michelle Trachtenberg, during her time at Charmed.
- Great compilation of various internet classic owned videos. So much pain.
- This webcam chick makes a perfect football players. Play with your own balls!
- This nurse has got the biggest tits in the medical field. That's fo shizzle.
- That's how you call Batman nowadays. Still haven't seen the movie though. :/
- A summer jam concert turns into an all out summer slam. Not the best brawl.

Ok I'm done kids. I know I'm a bit late, but that's me - you should know me at least a bit in the meanwhile! Stay healthy and cya tomorrow.

I've been lazy... on 03.08.2008 @ 21:56
  ...during the last few weeks when it comes to the time I spend in the gym. I can almost see me getting fatter and fatter each day. Of course my body is still in a pretty good shape, but it could be better. Hehe. Anyway, enough gay-talk, let's see some hot girls. Today I present you a bunch of stunning hot Russian cheerleader. They are pretty fit too:

Russian Cheerleader
russian_cheerleader_01.jpg russian_cheerleader_02.jpg russian_cheerleader_03.jpg russian_cheerleader_15.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- Paris Hilton doing a little belly dance. She does porn, but acts shy here. LoL.
- These bull jumpers are far more entertaining then the actual bull fighters.
- Looks like they don't got a McDonals in India, that's why this guy eats glass.
- Some fucked-up chick masturbates in front of a mirror. What is she using?
- The worst rally corner ever. Not one single driver made it through. Ouch.
- What do three girls need to have some fun? Nothing! Just their fingers!
- Bitch?!! You pour red water over my face? I'll pimp-smack you. She ate it.
- Fucking weird.. This mom is still breastfeeding their 8 year old daugther.
- Golfing on a mountain top. It's pretty obvious that this guy isn't the smartest.
- You know your employees aren't working enough, when they do stuff like this.
- I need to learn this move. Gonna help wonders in a club fight. Knock out!
- Drunk idiot's guide to Twitter. Pretty good for myself, since I don't use it.
- At least they are creative - sex on a jetski. Bonus: Blonde hottie, big boobs!
- Why you should rather have sex on a jetski then driving it. You might get hurt.
- Haha, this guy got one of these animals from the movie "Madagascar" Hehe.

It's Sunday and I'm a bit late - nothing new here. Have a good evening and come back tomorrow for a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

You always miss what you don't have on 31.07.2008 @ 15:21
  Now that I'm back home I wish I would be back in Portugal again and would be able to put my feet into the fucking cold Atlantic ocean. But I know, if I would be there right now - I would miss my place at home again. Yep, that's how life goes. Hot college girl makes everones life easier, that's a known fact. And that's why you should Meet Madden. She's a perfect example of a innocent looking, but naughty college girl:

Meet Madden
meet_madden_03.jpg meet_madden_12.jpg meet_madden_19.jpg meet_madden_25.jpg

Download the secret sex tape of the Croation pop star Severina Vuckovic

- A new video of the wonderful Alison Angel playing with herself. What a tease.
- The word "impressive" prefectly rewrites what happens in this video. Air time!
- When drunks meet cops: 5 Oscar-worthy performances. Pure enterainment.
- Lacey Chabert is one fine looking hottie. I really like her curvy chest. Gallery.
- 16 year old builds a water powered jet pack. I wonder what develops with 20.
- Wonderful epic fail video compilation. I love these type of videos. Hehe.
- You have to checkout these funny t-shirts at DeezTeez! They got new ones!
- These two girls are kind enough to help eachother shave their Brazilian area.
- Two guys at a beach share some serious face hits. The pants lose. Yep.
- You'd better not touch this girls best friends boyfriend. I know, difficult.
- See kids, this video shows you, why you shouldn't play too many PC games.
- Yummy this is one fucking fine lady. Just look at that rack. Fabulous material.
- What happens when you combine earthquakes with big boobs? This video.
- Two trains collide head on. I wonder who's faut it was? I bet it was a woman!!
- Say hello to the laser cat. Haha, she's friggin' fast and most likely on drugs.

Ha! What an early update. Have a nice day and don't forget to come back tomorrow again, I'll have a new bunch of links for you!

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