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I'm in Lisbon on 20.07.2008 @ 19:14
  After a really exhausting trip I finally made it to Portugal's capital. We got a nice house and everything is ok so far, only the weather sucks - which is kinda stupid because a lot of sunshine was the main reason to come to Portugal. But the weather channel says it will get better during this week. Our todays gallery features a girlfriend named Nereida Gallardo. She (was) the girlfriend of soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo.

Nereida Gallardo
nereida_gallardo_02.jpg nereida_gallardo_03.jpg nereida_gallardo_04.jpg nereida_gallardo_05.jpg

- Compilation of various YouTube whores shaking their asses in front of a cam.
- Wrestlers needs a chair and the fans deliver. But more then he wanted!
- Some really drunk chick makes her own party at a festival. Go, baby, go!
- Hell yeah, that's what I call a nice booty. She knows how to work it.
- Why little kids shouldn't be near goats. The goat owned the kid big time.
- The Google SMS service can do much more for you then you would expect.
- Finally a girl who plays Nintendo's Wii topless. It was about time...damn.
- Quick and painful, perfectly describes this sucker punch. Right into his face.
- I didn't know that Luna, from is from Spain. But I knew her nice boobies.
- Poor kid gets a brutal beating from his dad. Damn, what a fucking asshole.
- Shyla Stylez shows us how a blonde bombshell gotta look like. Yummy.
- Fun with water. A very long waterslide and surfers on a standing wave.
- If a girl stood you up, send her this picture. She will feel bad - for sure.
- This bicycle racer said to himself: If I go down, I'll take you all with me.
- A dark-haired whore does a almost sexy striptease show in a subway train.

I'm a bit late today, but that's because we have been out all day long. Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week Vote. And greetings to all Portuguese!!

Two days left... on 17.07.2008 @ 13:14
  ...until I fly with my girlfriend to Portugal for week. We'll stay at a small house with wifi access so you won't miss of beloved phun updates. Isn't this great?! Haha j/k. But let's talk business, our today's gallery features a 100% blonde bombshell named Abbey Brooks - Ruben would love that piece of meat - like most of us:

Abbey Brooks
abbey_brooks_03.jpg abbey_brooks_16.jpg abbey_brooks_29.jpg abbey_brooks_21.jpg

- Alison Angel touches the boobs of some shy model friend. She got nice ones!
- Finally some basketball shots that aren't fake and totally awesome. Hehe.
- Matador gets stabbed during a bullfight. I told you, don't mess with bulls.
- If you ever planned to have sex in an elevator - watch this! Security cam.
- A Chinese ninja shows off his stealing skills. We learn: Always be watchful.
- Thongs were the best textile invention ever. After the bikini. Ladies, show em!
- Another episode of Simon's cat - TV dinner. Not as good as the first one tho.
- These lucky bastards from Kontraband, got a private video from Carmen.
- Cool compilation of various PC mods. Kinda geeky, but great craftsmanship.
- What do you think: Is he old enough to drive a car? What a fucked-up dad.
- Yummy, this dark-haired chick got some big boobies. I want to play with em.
- You don't know how to get home from school? Why not ride the bus? On top!
- These kids today, they don't have any bit of respect anymore. Poor teacher.
- Damn, this body slam is def. neck breaking material. Gotta hurt big time.
- This guy listen too much Busta Rhymes..."bust your head". Poor lady.

That's it for today. Once again, I'm fucking early...ain't that awesome. Anyway, cya tomorrow with a new bunch of internet finest links.

The weekend is over on 13.07.2008 @ 18:01
  The time just flies by, esp. on the weekends. I hope you all had a good time. My weekend was cool, I was on a private party at a summer cottage. There were a lot of Russian people, which means you had to drink tons of Wodka, but I survived the evening pretty good. Our todays gallery features also a Russian (Ukraine) hottie named Luba Shumeyko. She got a perfect shaped body:
Luba Shumeyko
luba_shumeyko_06.jpg luba_shumeyko_20.jpg luba_shumeyko_24.jpg luba_shumeyko_29.jpg

- Video compilation full of the hottest Wii dancing girls around the net. Surprise!
- This is the most chilled guy ever. Texing on a motorcycle. He trusts in god!
- Finally the guy who starts with a cheap sucker punch gets beaten up badly.
- Webcam hottie Danni shows us how flexible her stunning body really is.
- Gregg Valentino - The man whose arms exploded. BBC report. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
- I say it every time. Don't mess around with angry bulls. They will fuck you up.
- You know your kid is a huge fucking nerd, if he makes his own Halo suit.
- Sexy Carli Banks flashes her great boobies in public. I want to play with them.
- Haha, that's a great prank. They glue his flip-flops to the ground. Face plant.
- The beautiful Anetta Dawn wearing some sexy black lingerie. Gallery.
- Here we got two heros. First a little one and then a big one. Props to both!
- Worlds most amazing videos parody. Haha, indeed some hilarious comments.
- LOL. This black mama is like a the M1 Abrams tank of the porn industry.
- How to beat the claw game. So either this little girl is smart, or very stupid.
- If you're like me, and like big boobs, then you gonna love this video.

I'm tired as fuck right now...need to sleep real bad. Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week vote.

Hot in herre! on 10.07.2008 @ 23:40
  It's been awhile, since I talked the last time about the weather. So I thought it's time to do it today. The weather today was just perfect and I chilled in the park for some hours. I have no clue how to make a good transition to our todays gallery, so I just spill it out. It's Kirsten Dunst. Uhm?! Yeah, she isn't the hottest girl on earth, but she can look hot too:

Kirsten Dunst
kirsten_dunst_01.jpg kirsten_dunst_04.jpg kirsten_dunst_12.jpg kirsten_dunst_26.jpg

- You gotta love people who install spy-cams in tanning rooms. Catched a lady!
- A sleeping truck driver crashes with full speed into parked cars. Wake up!
- A teenager hijacks his moms minivan and takes it out for a sweet car chase.
- Good sex scene from Alpha Dog, with Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake.
- New video, where Carmen proofs that she's the queen of all webcam babes.
- Haha, now that's something new. A totally drunk soccer referee. He rocks!
- This guy surfs the biggest wave ever - he got some balls. Repost, but worth it.
- The one and only reason to watch Big Brother shows, is because of the sex.
- A group of black wannabe thugs jump on random white kids. True lowlifes.
- Some hot Italian models start a perfect bitch fight. They got pretty fine asses.
- I always wanted to have a tree house as a kid. Pics of some pimped out ones.
- Alison Angel naked somewhere in a tunnel. She's looks hot everywhere. Yep!
- Why on earth would you do a burnout in your living room? Not really smart.
- British bombshell Michelle Marsh shows off her huge funbags. Just perfect!
- Do you know what clocking is? I'm sure you don't know. Climbing and fucking.

I know, I'm fucking late today. But my new iMac is a part of this problem. Everything is different then on my old PC and it just takes some time to adopt. Stay tuned!

The weekend is over on 06.07.2008 @ 13:27
  The headline sums it up pretty much. I hope you could enjoy your weekend. Mine was not bad. I had a few friends over at my place and we drank a couple of bottles Ramazzotti and went to our usual club. Nothing uber special, but still a fun night. But want I to talk about now, is this uber hot chick. Her name is: Angel Luv and she got ass of the size of South America. It's fucking huuuge:
Angel "Lola" Luv
angel_luv_04.jpg angel_luv_18.jpg angel_luv_29.jpg angel_luv_32.jpg

- One of my favourite girls Alison Angel enjoys some time at the pool.
- Idiot attempts a stunt but fails miserably. Try again're too fat.
- If somebody steals your car, you should try not to let him run over you.
- The absolutely amazing Aussie Jewel plays with her wonderful titties. Yum.
- How not to fake a heart attack. A stupid defendant tries to fool the judge.
- Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz are making out. Must be a good movie.
- Two lesbians are playing with eachother's best parts. They are very lound!!
- You can talk about a fucked-up life when you look like this guy. A zombie!!!
- "Group Pressure" Experiment. Yep, people are not made to be unique! Hehe.
- The one and only Keeley Hazell topless in the movie "Cashback". What a rack!
- Hell, that's a lot of police cars for a car chase. We drove onto the wrong lane.
- A video compilation of various people laughing...the old dude sound hilarious.
- Drunk woman does a sexy dance for the cops. You gotta love these moments.
- A white shirt and lots of water - that's always a good combo. Hottie in tub!
- Semi truck takes out a car pulled over by Police. That doesn't look good.

Have a nice day everybody and come back tomorrow for a new Thong Of The Week Update.

Hot days... on 03.07.2008 @ 12:41
  The past few days have been very hot, we had like 96 degree here. The only problem was, that it was sticky and you were sweating like hell But sometimes it doesn't need to be hot outside to make me sweat, sometimes a girl like Lela Star is enough to make sweat:

Lela Star
lela_star_03.jpg lela_star_10.jpg lela_star_23.jpg lela_star_29.jpg

- Ashley likes to show off her perfect body in front of her webcam. Yummy.
- Why you should rather fuck your girlfriend then playing XBox...right baby!
- That's how school is supposed to be. Fights during the class...I like it.
- Melissa Matter is alone at home and decides to put her hand into her pussy.
- It's sad, they don't make such movies nowadays. Ninjas on skates. LOL.
- Amazing shots from cockpits all around the world. What a view. Gallery.
- A hungry bus driver tries to fit through a McDonalds didn't work.
- Two girls, with big, round butts are jogging. That's what I call a nice view.
- You're fat, ugly and old? But still wanna score a hot chick? Get rich, ASAP.
- How to piss off your driving instructor. He's good in wasting his parents money.
- The new hands free driving law in California isn't such a smart idea. Sketch.
- You probably know the vids from "Where the hell is Matt". But where's his gf?
- You gotta love eastern TV. A young, hot chick beats an old lady on live TV.
- Some more, hot footage of Zusana and her perfect shaped boobies. Yummy.
- To celebrate the end of the soccer championship, here some cool soccer shots.

Finally I'm able to write the updates earlier, I try my best to keep it this way. Stay tuned for more.

And the winner is... on 29.06.2008 @ 20:38
  ...Spain. Well, I'm not happy, but on the other hand I have to admit, that they played a great game and showed the world how soccer should be played. And if you don't manage to score a goal within 90 minutes, you don't deserve to win the Euro. Consistent with the end of this Euro Championship I created a gallery with the hottest girls of the Euro 2008. With girls like these, every nation is a winner:

Girls for the Euro 2008
girl_euro_2008_01.jpg girl_euro_2008_02.jpg girl_euro_2008_07.jpg girl_euro_2008_20.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- Gemma Atkinson and her huge boobs at a photoshoot. Damn, those titties.
- That's what you get as a Boss, when you hire total morons. A huge mess.
- Douchiest phone message in history. You gotta listen to this endless bullshit.
- A cute emo girl gets naked in front of her webcam and starts to touch herself.
- Another of these "frozen people" pranks. This time in a Taco Bell. Hehe.
- The only reason to watch Big Brother. Because stupid girls, do stupid things.
- Bulgarian cops chase gypsies on horse carriages. What I call: Oldschool
- The camera man of this girl fight, should eat this sucker punch. What a moron.
- What do you think are bored girls doing? They start to light up their farts.
- Who cares if the garage door is open or not. I drive through, no matter what.
- Looks like this guy stepped a bit too much on the brake. But just a lil bit.
- High School track runner takes a heavy shot to the balls. No kids for this guy.
- This webcam angel got one fucking cute face. I want to put st in her mouth.
- The 394 feet dirtbike jump - World Record. I love such video footage. Gz!
- She got huuuge boobs and move them each separately. A goddess on earth.

I'm kinda late again - I know, but that was only because of the final. Next week will be full of early updates. Take care and come back tomorrow.

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