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The summer is here on 23.04.2006 @ 12:21
  At least almost. The last few days were really awesome, the sun was shining the whole day long. Now the skirts are getting shorter again and the days longer. But of course there's also a demerit. Working at home, sitting in front of the PC sucks now way more than usual. It's celebrity time again and that's why we got the sexy singer Amerie in our todays gallery:

amerie_02.jpg amerie_03.jpg amerie_14.jpg amerie_23.jpg

Download the secret sex tape of the Croation pop star Severina Vuckovic.

- The girls at car tradeshows are always smoking hot! I see her nipple!
- Everyone loves a German girl. Kinda artistic nude model video...whatever.
- This is fucking hilarious. An old lady punches another old lady.
- She got a nice ass, and they are throwing baseball balls on her ass?!
- Video from a casting with the sexy Angela Dodson. It's for RipeTV.
- One minute coffee, one minute sex. What a loser. Commercial.
- Three bored girls are dancing in their hotel suite. They are wearing just bikinis!
- Axe underwear. Build to stretch. Cool commercial.
- The cute Hannah is getting naked. Nice titties.
- Nice collection of hottest single girl galleries on the net.
- Funny car prank. All people are trying to find the imaginary scratch.
- The American Suck Count Down part 1. Flash animations.
- Crazy Marc Ecko spray paints the President's Air Force One. Nice job!
- Haha, a Police officer got owned by a guy who gives a fuck about his gun!
- The best party of his life. He pukes over a hot stripper. Fool!

And the weekend is over again. I wasn't drunk since three days. That's not bad, since I need to get in shape for summer!

Gambling is fun on 20.04.2006 @ 14:35
  I was in a casino on Monday. My friends and I were lurking around for an half hour and than I changed 10 bucks into 5x2 chips. It was a small casino and they only offered roulette and black-jack. I put my first chip ($2) on the number 25 and...I won. So I had $70 to play with. After three hours playing roulette I went home with $68, so I didn't win or lose anything since the first bet. Back home I was fascinated by the whole gambling thing. That's why I created an account at PartyPoker, transfered 50 bucks and started to play with $75 (you get $25 for free, when you use this link). It's completely different to the games with play money, and I had to pay $20 apprentice's premium (until now), but than I joined a sit-and-go tournament and ended up on the 3rd position, so I won $10! Yippeh. I'll start a poker tournament soon, with the possibility to win a few grands. But now it's time for two lovely girls, the Plosjö sisters:

The Plosjö Sisters
plojo_sisters_01.jpg plojo_sisters_03.jpg plojo_sisters_06.jpg plojo_sisters_11.jpg

- It's high time for a webcam chick video. She got big boobs!
- The bigger the better, it's all about boob size. Beach video.
- This is the only school, where I would like to be a teacher. The juggy academy.
- Cute Japanese model during a photo-shooting. She's a bit shy.
- A very busy cheerleader, she's telephoning and dancing at the same time.
- The girl is hot, the car not really. Commercial for Toyota.
- Bah, the butt of the German chancellor. Is everything else than hot.
- A lot people are into blondes, but I have to say, brunettes can be sexy too.
- Nobody listens to me, when I say: Don't fuck around with bulls. Idiot.
- True customer care, even if the result isn't that good.
- No questions, Allison Angel got the perfect rack. Gallery.
- I love it, when girls get drunk and outta control.
- Tina Bishop is a true hottie. Video of her photo-shooting.
- That's why you don't wear a skirt when you're trying to do a high jump.
- Don't repeat yourself too many times. Vin Diesel is doing it. Not smart.

After a few hours of more or less hard work, I'm now going to try to win some money. Btw. my nickname at PartyPoker is: steal0r. Yeah I know, stupid nick, but all good ones are already taken.

I hate to wait on 16.04.2006 @ 12:30
  Yesterday I went to a local club with some friends. We arrived at half past twelve and the waiting queue was 50m long. We asked some people and they told us, they were already waiting 30 minutes and moved like three steps. We decided to go to another club, althought we got "VIP" tickets, we had to wait too. After 20 minutes we managed to get in. One hour later we went back to the first club and had to wait again 20min to get in. I was so pissed. Now I have to possibilities, to become a celebrity and gain instant access, or I have to open my own club!
The opening party would be full of hot models. Luba would be one of them. She's friggin hot:

luba_01.jpg luba_24.jpg luba_33.jpg luba_53.jpg

Download the famous Pamela Anderson home sex tape

- More of the one and only Luba. Video with friends.
- LOL, his wife is so stupid. Where you had sex? In my ass! It was a gameshow.
- The amazing Kate is showing us her goods. Webcam video.
- These guys must have a lot of free time. Awesome tricks with ping-pong balls.
- Very cool strip poker flash game. It's easy to win.
- Funny video compilation of people who can't dance. Hilarious.
- Paris Hilton is a hot biatch. But hell, she can't sing for shit.
- A guy is kissing a carp Why? I don't know.
- Great self-made commercial for the Firefox browser. But I'd still prefer Opera.
- Monkeys are horny too. Another monkey doesn't seem to be happy with that.
- No celebrity at MTV Cribs got a house like this one. Pimp!
- Sex or love. Women don't understand us. A beer commercial.
- 17MB video of a photo-shooting with the gorgeous Kerriana. I'd hit her twice.
- These jump shoes are really a cool invention, I want a pair!
- Howard Stern is a perv. He let brothers take down the clothes of their sisters.

That's it for Sunday. Since I didn't mange it to get wasted yesterday I'll try it today again. Hopefully it will work out better this time! Cya tomorrow with three new and hot thongs.

What's better than 2 girls? on 13.04.2006 @ 12:43
  I think that's a very interesting question. A photoshooting with 2 girls is usally awesome. But what happens when you add another girl? Ok you got one more, not really special, you could do that up to 100 girls. But what is, if the girls are all sisters? That's where the Dahm Triplets come into the game. Heaven on earth:
Dahm Triplets
dahm_triplets_02.jpg dahm_triplets_03.jpg dahm_triplets_51.jpg dahm_triplets_05.jpg

- Sexy webcam girl, with hot curves is getting naked for us.
- This blonde chick loves to ride on a horse. Why not?!
- By far the sexiest spring break girls I have seen for awhile.
- Damn, I want to bang her hard. She got a perfect body. Gallery & Video.
- Haha, I didn't know that Kirsten Dunst is too stupid to wear a helmet.
- Have you already heard the Camel toe song?
- Sexy Nikki, I want to play with her! Gallery.
- Two blonde girls are shaving eachother in a bathtub.
- Stupid people shouldn't play around with fireworks.
- Arrrr. Boobs and burgers. Amy Reid is so friggin hot! More of her here.
- A perfect brunette girl is wearing a tight red corset.
- Haha, bitches always need somebody to tell em what to do. No more news!
- Damn, this breaker got some major skills. An endless head-spin.
- Don't miss: Another very skilled dude. The amazing Rodney Mullen. 5min.
- Now a video of the average skaters. See the difference?

A few days ago I recieved some nice fan signs from the sexy Jasmine. Thanks a lot sweetheart!

phun 3.jpg phun1.jpg phun2.jpg
phun4.jpg phun5.jpg phun6.jpg

Boom. What an update. Now you're prepared to have a crazy weekend. Have fun! But don't forget to come back tomorrow for a new bunch of nice links!

I'm again sick on 09.04.2006 @ 12:04
  Yeah I couldn't go to a birthday party yesterday because I had a horrible sore throat. Nothing sucks more than being sick and sitting at home. Hopefully I'll be fit asap. The todays gallery is dedicated to Erotic Art. It's easy to take a picture of a naked girl, but not everybody can take such artistic pictures:
Erotic Art
erotic_art_02.jpg erotic_art_08.jpg erotic_art_18.jpg erotic_art_39.jpg

- Four hot videos from Kate's Playground: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4.
- Brazilian Models are the best. Video of a photo-shooting.
- Hot girl is getting dressed, while the camera is on!
- More sexy toys in the Howard Stern show. Damn, he's such a lucky, old man.
- Awesome video compilation of soccer goals. Great moments.
- Hot ASU Cheerleader switched to the porn business. Some nude pics of her.
- Doing 90/mph on a skateboard is quite something!
- These two girls, don't like eachother much. Fighting at the beach.
- A wrestling fan disrupt the plans of Eddie Guerrero.
- Stupid dude puts his head on fire. Mou!
- Yummy, Lauren Pope is a smoking hot blonde chick.
- Jaime Pressly kissing Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Nothing left to say.
- Ice Hockey isn't a sort for pussies. Video of a heavy bodycheck.
- Nut kicking is also no sport for pussies. WTF? That guy must be stupid.
- Wanna know where Aids came from? Ask Dave Chappelle!

Hope you liked the links. Comments and suggestions are like always appreciated. Tomorrow it's as usual time for a new "Thong Of The Week" vote.

Sunshine! on 06.04.2006 @ 12:03
  Today is a great day. The sun is shining, I don't have an headache from yesterdays drinking, it can't get much better than that. Looking through the past galleries I noticed that it's time for a celeb gallery. And as you already know, I'm really into big-boobs and so I decided to pick up Jessica Simpson. As a single again, having a great rack, not the worst the decision I think:

Jessica Simpson
jessica_simpson_01.jpg jessica_simpson_02.jpg jessica_simpson_03.jpg jessica_simpson_07.jpg

- This video is dedicated to the love between girls. Thats how I like it!
- Still don't have enough? Here's some more girl on girl tongue action.
- Haha, what an awesome video. Rejected by religion.
- Funny video compilation of stupid porn bloppers. Poor Taylor Rain!
- I'm not a big fan of circuses, but this one is different. The girls are naked!
- Check out Michelle, a true ten! Gallery.
- Awesome collection of advertisement bills. Some are very creative.
- Video of the Miss Reef contest. Here's Part 2.
- She would be a perfect choice for the weekly thong vote.
- Ouch. Although this sport looks kinda gay, you can still get your arm broken.
- A girl is flashing her boobs at a party. They could be bigger.
- Darth Vader shouldn't fuck around with the Asian police!
- Oh yeah, I hit it! A platinum blonde bombshell with a perfect body.
- Have you already seen the horror version of American Pie?
- Video compilation of some very large jugs. Hmmm...

I'm like always in a hurry. Hope you like the update and come back tomorrow for a new bunch of the internets most entertaining links!

I was wrong! on 02.04.2006 @ 12:49
  The perfect lady from the last gallery, Aida Yespica comes from Venezuela and she just work and live in Italy. Thanks for the numerous emails! After all these glamour models I thought it's time for some natural-looking cute girls. They don't need a special light arrangement and two make-up artists to look pretty:
Cute Girls
cute_girls_02.jpg cute_girls_25.jpg cute_girls_45.jpg cute_girls_51.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- Cute blonde chick plays with her boobs in front of a mirror.
- I like big butts. Cool Anime animation.
- I'm sure you wanna see some real butt now!
- Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate in a funny movie scene.
- Unitl now the best cover for an ipod. Should be the only one.
- Catapult-parachuting a new and def. crazy sport!
- LOL, a dog tries to walk on ice. It doesn't work very well.
- Now that's what I call a cool case mod. Looks like a lot of work.
- Still a single? Use the internet to find a girlfriend. Try it, it works and is for free.
- Haha, great prank. The invisible door.
- Mindy Vega is wearing a pink bikini. She's hot!
- Two hot girls are shaking their asses in front of a webcam.
- Kanye West wants into the bible? At least he made it to Comedy Central.

I'm still wasted from yesterday. Tomorrow it's as usual time to vote for the Thong Of The Week!

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