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Watching the WorldCup... on 17.06.2010 @ 13:11
  ...all day long. Today I placed a combination bet, with the following results: Win for Nigeria, Win for Germany, tie between Slovenia/USA and France/Mexico and win for England. It looked pretty good after the early goal for Nigeria, but now get got a red card and are only 10 players, I hope my first bet is going to hold up. Go Nigeriaaaaa! Our today's gallery features a stunning Playboy model named Sara Jean Underwood, she's fucking fantastic:

Sara Jean Underwood
sara_jean_underwood_01.jpg sara_jean_underwood_02.jpg sara_jean_underwood_03.jpg sara_jean_underwood_04.jpg

Download the famous Pamela Anderson home sex tape

- Jenna Haze doesn't need a man to satisfy her. A dildo in the butt works too!
- That's one of the best skateboard videos I've ever seen. Check it out. Nice!
- UFC 115: Liddell vs. Franklin and Mirko Cro Cop vs. Pat Barry. Good fights.
- Amateur chick gets naked. As a revenge on her cheating boyfriend. OK!
- The Transformer owl. Haha, that's a badass animal. You get three versions.
- How to get Americans to watch soccer. Some pretty solid ideas and stats!
- Laetitia Casta - France's hottest export. She's a damn fine lady. Hot, hot.
- Two girls lick the living hell out of each other. Plus: Toying amateur slut.
- How to make Tony Hawk Ride not suck? Play it in real life. Works pretty well.
- Random collection of pictures of tired people. Don't ask me why I post this.
- Webcam hottie Victoria shows off her boobies. And more webcam footage.
- This laptop doesn't need an i7 CPU to be cool. What a funky machine. Epic!
- Camera man gets hit by a car during a race. I bet that hurts quite a bit. Ouch.
- Sneezing bear can't stop sneezing. Ohh that poor thingy. Plus: Badass deer.
- Damn, that's what I call a sucker punch from hell. Might be a repost. Ouh.

So, I'm back to watching the World Cup...have a nice day everybody. Ah and btw. obviously I lost my best right away on the first match. Fucking Greece...baaah.

GERMANY!!! For the fucking win! on 13.06.2010 @ 20:43
  4:0 - hell yeah, that was a great game. Germany vs. Australia. Slight alcohol abuse and soccer - that's the reason why this update is online so late...and I'm still drunk right now, so please forgive me if I do even more grammatical mistakes than usual, I'd like to see you writing this update after around 10 shots of Vodka and 10 glasses Ramazzotti/RedBull - I think I'm still holding up pretty well. But enough of me bragging, it's time to celebrate soccer, a peaceful world and some nudity. Haha. I think the perfect way to celebrate this evening is to post a gallery of sexy soccer fans. I'm sure you gonna agree with me. During or after this world championship I'm going to add new shots with girls from the year 2010:

Sexy Soccer Fans
sexy_soccer_fans_01.jpg sexy_soccer_fans_02.jpg sexy_soccer_fans_03.jpg sexy_soccer_fans_04.jpg

- Ok, so that's how it looks like when Hanna Hilton is working out. Hot!
- It seemed like a smart idea at the beginning...but it turns out pretty bad.
- Pole dance ruins a wedding. I guess that's what you call an attention whore.
- This chick takes booty shaking videos to a whole new level. Major probs!
- That'd be a pretty cool way to walk down the streets. Nice moves, ladies.
- Videos involving a cat always win @ teh internets. Cats plus mirrors = teh shit.
- Christina Hendricks got Hollywoods hottest rack. Damn, perfect titties.
- 6 global warming side effects that are sort of awesome. Go and celebrate now!
- Two fail videos. Trampoline ski jump fail. And a painful double backflip. Ouch.
- Hardcore Mario 64 fans gonna love this video. These crazy Japanese players...
- Two white wannabe webcam hotties shake their huge asses. Haha.
- Wanna see the worlds worst freestyler? Well, here he is. What the fuck...?!
- When one wrestler didn't get the memo about it being fake. Blood, blood!
- Brunette amateur chick plays with herself in front of the webcam. Win!
- This video apparently shows a race between a Veyron and a Nissan GT-R. Hmm.

Time to go to bed...hope some of you stayed up long enough to see the today's update. Cya tomorrow, with an update that is going to be online at 11AM.

Let the games begin... on 10.06.2010 @ 17:18
  ...the soccer world championship is just around the corner and I'm really stoked to watch the games. Who do you think is going to win? I think the best guess would be Brazil, but I'm happy with every team besides Italy. I would even be ok with England taking it home. So in the spirit of sports our today's gallery features a sexy athlete. Pole vault hotness Allison Stokke. She got a great body:

Allison Stokke
allison_stokke_01.jpg allison_stokke_02.jpg allison_stokke_03.jpg allison_stokke_04.jpg

- Czech slut Nella goes down and dirty with some other blonde slut. A slut-fest!
- Two fail videos: Ninja training fail. And some rope-swing failure. Haha.
- Front man of some wannabe death metal group eats a guitar. Nice job! lulz.
- Karolina Kurkova got no belly button, but the rest is perfect. Video plus pictures!
- Walking up the wrong escalator...that isn't working out very well. Ha, morons.
- Baby can't fall asleep or stay awake, now that's a fucked-up situation there.
- Webcam bombshell Femme shows random amateur webcam girl.
- 20 awesome computer workspaces. So you spend even more time on it.
- Kid tries to jump over a pool. You know how it is going to end up. Right?
- I present you the biggest Asian boobs on the internet. And more big guns!
- These guys are sitting in a box for 520 days and play the game "I fly to Mars".
- Even Chuck Norris would have had problems to fight this Indian dude. OMFG.
- Amateur me, it doesn't get much better than this. Epic win!
- Haha, now that's a scene you won't see every day on a road. What the hell?!
- Everything looks cooler in slow motion. Another compilation video. Enjoy!

Yay, I'm a bit late today...again. Sorry. Enjoy your evening and don't forget to come back tomorrow!

Hello my Polish friends... on 06.06.2010 @ 17:25 my update last Friday I posted a link and described it as the introduction of the iPad in Poland - this was the link - at this point I obviously knew that the footage wasn't taken in Poland, but at that moment I thought it would sound funnier to claim it was in Poland (I could have used Russia, or some other Eastern Europe country). Because you know how people there can go nuts over stuff like this. Btw. I was born in the Czech Republic, so I feel like I can play around with the image of these countries. Anyhow, to my surprise I got a couple of eMails from Polish people who didn't catch my drift and so I want to apologize to anyone who got offended. I just want to repeat that you don't have to take everything serious...sometimes I'm just messing around...but yeah, sometimes I'm wrong too (when it comes to the place a video takes place). But now enough of my ramblings, let's go to our today's gallery, which features a super hot, busty British chick named Holly Peers. A quick thank-you goes out to our forum user Iron_Slash who told me about this chick in the first place:

Holly Peers

- Blonde hottie shows off her tiny black lingerie. She got a fine body.
- Underwater base jumping - Everything's more extreme at half the speed!
- Fat people are funny. Example one. Fat woman. Example two. Fat boy.
- If you like to watch a girl walk and stare right at her ass. This video is for you.
- Grand Theft Aauto - Buenos Aires style. That's how you do it. Wacky car tho.
- Brawl breaks out in a Russian mall. Obviously it ends up in a huge fuck fest.
- Jana Defi got a fucking amazing rack. I want to play with it all day long.
- Cool video showing lots of great moves with a Quadrocopter. I want one.
- The Bacon Explosion...I wonder how many calories this beast contains. WoW.
- Sweet Krissy fondles around with her nice boobies. Let me fondle too.
- A brand new workout for the ladies. I see this working out great. Haha.
- Crazy chick destorys an entire liquor store. Looks like a bull was there...
- Massive crash during the Indy 500 race. Holy fuck, that was sick. Booom.
- Drop it like it's hot. Blonde slut shakes her ass. You want to watch this!!11
- Why pay toll when you can just jump over the booth. That was quite a stunt.

My first delay in a few days...had to catch up with some other things, sorry about that. Hope you had a nice weekend. Cya tomorrow!

Working hard on 03.06.2010 @ 10:00
  Yep, since the last two days I'm hard working construction worker. So right now I got two jobs, an online and an offline job...but that's nothing for me. I got a lot of respect for people doing 2 or maybe even 3 jobs at once. You guys deserve all the money these executive fuckers get. But let's talk about our todays gallery - which features a sexy blonde bombshell named Amanda Klaassen....damn, she's a true stunner:

Amanda Klaassen

- That's got to be the cutest girl I've seen since ages. Webcams are wonderful!
- Insane inline skater jumps off the Eiffel Tower. Power lifter drops 700lb. Ouch.
- Hey bud, with this performance you won't make it to Olympia anytime soon.
- Brooke Haven and some other chick are in the lesbian heaven. Me too!
- Hammer fail. Haha, I didn't expect this to happen. He's def. a tool. lulz.
- Some skilled robbers who are able to steal 1 million Euro in bright daylight.
- Angelina Jolie is the hottest six times mom on earth. Do you agree with me?
- A group of BMX biker enjoy a day out. That's some great footage. Enjoy!
- Blonde hottie Bailey Rose proudly presents her body. Plus spy cam footage.
- One of the latest useless, but entertaining internet trends. Lying around.
- If you want to become angry at humanity - hate crime compilation video.
- Yay, these are some juicy fun bags. I'd like to play with them too. Please.
- Yummy, that is one smoking blonde amateur girl. You gotta love sluts.
- It starts pretty calm, but this hill climbing event turns into some crazy shit.
- This guy can kick you in the face five times and you notice it 3 minutes later.

So, another day, another update. I wish you a nice day and remember the weekend is almost here. Cya tomorrow!

Treats from Brazil on 30.05.2010 @ 13:20
  That's how I called our todays' gallery. I think you won't have a hard time to guess what the gallery is all about. And yeah, you smart guys, you're right, it is full of hot girls from Brazil. Esp. all our ass and thong lovers def. gonna appreciate this sexy special. So, without anymore delay, I present you some sexy treats from Brazil:

Treats from Brazil

- Webcam stunner Trish all oiled up. Be prepared for some sexy video action.
- Video compilation full of all kind of cool things. Great footage, nice work!
- Amazing chubby girl one punch KTFO. That's what you get for being stupid.
- Gianna Michaels, Amy Reid and some other chick have a pussy party. Yay!
- Massive crash accident. Truck ends up on the wrong lane. Holy shit.
- Panda bear seems to be a rap music fan. He got the moves on. Hehe.
- Natalie Sparks - Lotion, tummy and tits. That's a good combination. Yay!
- Augmented reality Space Invaders: Expensive. Impossible. Awesome.
- Gallery showing pictures of babies doing funny faces. Scared, happy?!
- Video of a photo shooting with Rachel Stevens for FHM. I like her body!
- This video shows a skilled skater who doesn't bust his balls. Mad props, dude!
- Travis Pastrana - All in. I don't know about you, but I think he's a cool dude.
- The singing and masturbating chick is back! Plus: Busty beach chick topless.
- I guess the times are over, when cats were scared of dogs. Cat/dog fight!
- Asians are famous for their pranks - this is a good example. Moving toilet.

Is this update online early, or what? Hehe. Have a nice Sunday everybody - but don't forget to come back tomorrow. There will be a a new Thong of The Week Vote. Cya!

Money can't buy you happiness! on 27.05.2010 @ 11:32
  I know that's a common phrase and in general I would agree to it. But there are certain constellation, in which money in fact CAN buy you happiness. Attentive visitors might already know what/who I'm talking about. And you're right I'm talking about the biggest gold-digger on earth right now, 21-year old ex Playboy model Jenna Bentley. I linked to gallery with these pics in an earlier update, but I stumbled across a few new pics and just had to dedicate this chick a own gallery on After she swallowed all her pride, that's the least thing I can do for her:

Jenna Bentley
jenna_bentley_01.jpg jenna_bentley_02.jpg jenna_bentley_03.jpg jenna_bentley_04.jpg

- A young Shay Laren plays with her marvelous shaped body. A perfect 10.
- Epic bonfire lighting fail. I guess he was lucky the whole thing didn't explode.
- This got to be the best flash mob/prank video since ages. From Ze Germans.
- Weird fight between a reporter and some guy who likes to touch people. lulz.
- The Ninja Bear - As if bears weren't good enough at killing before. Fake?!
- Amateur chick proudly presents her perfect round ass. Play with it some more!
- Lazy cat farts and sneezes at the same time. Reminds me of Garfield. Haha.
- Great pictures showing celebrities on their prom date. Brad Pitt, Britney, etc...
- Workout video with the sexy fucker Holly Madison. Hugh, is a lucky bastard.
- If Lui Kang was a pornstar his videos would look like this. Animated .gif.
- It's raining men, halleluja. But I guess where didn't expected this to happen.
- Skip the first 2min of this vid, enjoy the rest! Boobs! Plus Lia & Alison flashing!
- Asian amateur webcam cutie shows us her body. Plus sexy outdoor shooting.
- Pretty crazy and insane, but also brave guy does a backflip in a wheelchair.
- No arms no legs no worries: Nick Vujicic - this guy is a fucking HERO! Yes!

I hope you gonna enjoy watching the videos and pics I posted. I def. had a good time looking through them. Cya tomorrow with a new batch!

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