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Average Sunday on 22.07.2007 @ 18:45
  So yesterday it was again time to get wasted...and it worked out very well. That's why I have a big hangover today, they really need to invent something which prevents the hangover on the next day. But on the other hand it's possible that would make me an addict really fast! ;) Our todays gallery features a big boobed cutie named Brittany's Bod. I really like her natural curves, I think you agree with me:
Brittany's Bod
brittanys_bod_12.jpg brittanys_bod_20.jpg brittanys_bod_34.jpg brittanys_bod_42.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- Due to a tons of requests here's some more awesome footage of Carmen.
- Karate master shows off his skills..of which he has none. Haha, dumbass.
- Funny video compilation showing various jumping mishaps. Jump, jump!
- The wonderful Amy Reid starts to touch herself. Oh yeah baby, I like that.
- Don't mess with this store owner, he fights back. Robbers got owned.
- Car crashes are horrible, but a horse crash can be pretty dangerous too.
- Holy crap that was one painful and quick knockout. A serious hit.
- Women can't drive, we know that. But they are also too stupid to use a rope.
- Wanna see some more stupid women? How about this model, who can't walk.
- Some emo girl talks about how great emo kids are. Biggest crap in history.
- Hi, I'm Michelle. I got a cute face and a huge tongue...damn, a nice package.
- That's a cool commercial for skittles. He never will be hungry again.
- Some white wannabe hiphop honey shakes her ass like there's no tomorrow.
- His skateboard got no wheels, but he don't need them on the trampoline.
- A great DVD "The Hip Hop years documentary". The good old times.

Ok guys, I wish you a good start into the new week and come back tomorrow for a new thong of the week vote.

Good times on 19.07.2007 @ 18:07
  I had a lot of fun this week and I might even have a surprise for you guys, but it's not 100% sure yet and will also take some time until I can announce it. The weather was ok too this week so I could spend a few hours at the lake. The Dahm Triplets are one hell of a sexy family...but the Simpson clan isn't bad either. Ashlee Simpson is our star today, together with her big-boobed but braindead sister Jessica Simpson:
Ashlee Simpson
ashlee_simpson_01.jpg ashlee_simpson_02.jpg ashlee_simpson_03.jpg ashlee_simpson_16.jpg

- Holy crap Fernanda Goeth got the perfect ass. I would do her right now!
- This guy just had his teeth for lunch. Damn, only watching this hurts!
- The hottest movie scene with Monica Bellucci ever made. God, I love her!
- Now this is PIMP. Playing Tetris on a huge house wall. Looks great.
- A sexy bikini car wash works out better than expected. My car needs a wash.
- Oh my god, the Nintendo Wii Fit game is the biggest crap in console history.
- Some dude loses his cool while taping his video dating message. Maybe staged.
- An hilarious accident in a gym. Haha, he got owned by a machine big time.
- A nice gallery compilation of all the Bullz-Eye cover girls. I'd take em all home.
- The Internet reposted. A 40mb video collection of the most classic videos.
- The truth about the iPhone. Funny post about the wacky new Apple product.
- How to create an angry American.The most linked video at the moment.
- Roomful of sweaty lesbians lick and suck the night away. It's heaven!
- Everybody knows Spiderman, but have you ever heard of the Spidercat?
- White guys can't dunk. And he proves it once and for all. It's sad.

I'm really looking forward to the's time to get wasted, I was sober the whole week. Have a nice day!

Poker Tourney on 15.07.2007 @ 19:48
  Today I played in a $40 buy-in poker tourney, which was organized by a friend of mine. In total there was 32 players. First we played for 4 hours qualification games. Depending on the place you ended up, you received points. 1 place = 10 points, 2nd = 6 points and so on. I ended up 5th, 1st, 5th, 3rd. Which was good enough to get me the 5th place on the final table. Where I didn't had any luck at all. The blinds have been increased very fast, and I just played my 3rd blind, which was AQ, and I lost against a 46, which made a straight. So I ended up on the 6th place. And only the first three won something. But it was a lot of fun. Our todays gallery features some uber hot natual girl named Verunka, which is a Czech name:

Verunka's Dream
verunkas_dream_35.jpg verunkas_dream_23.jpg verunkas_dream_10.jpg verunkas_dream_29.jpg

Download the secret sex tape of the Croation pop star Severina Vuckovic.

- Oh yeah baby, show us your moves. She got a stunning body. Webcam.
- LeBron James shooting like a robot. Must be a new Nike commercial..
- What do we learn from this video? Fat bitches fight harder than skinny ones.
- Now I know exactly what to do. I gonna fuck your mom. Classic one.
- A sportler was hit by a javelin in his back. Damn, that doesn't look good.
- Britney Spears forgot her bra and now her nipples are on tape. Flashlight alarm!
- These guys must be drinking a lot of beer. Ways to open a bottle.
- The wonderful and big-boobed Faith shakes her enourmous rack. Repost?!
- Haha, now that is one lazy bird. He rather takes a ride, than fliying on his own.
- A poor Indian boy can sell you his stuff by speaking 7 different languages.
- Guys and dolls. A 45min report about guys who lives with real dolls.
- Holy fucking crap. Pics from the bull run in Pamplona. Look at his knee...gross.
- A compilation of various funny videos. The kid with the long sword...hrrr.
- One of these super cute cat videos for all the girls out there...awwww.
- Thong-pulling, that's a great hobby for girls. Better than doing pottery.

Nothing new on the late update problem, but I'm working on it. Have a good night and don't forget the new Thong Of The Week Vote starting tomorrow.

Drinking during the week on 12.07.2007 @ 21:26
  That's really nothing I should get used to. Having a headache from too much booze on a Sunday is nothing I miss, but now I already got on Wednesday...ouch. But still it was a cool night yesterday. I met some hot girls, who were almost as hot as Natalie Denning. Stumbled across some of her pics today and had to do a gallery with her best pics:

Natalie Denning
natalie_denning_01.jpg natalie_denning_02.jpg natalie_denning_13.jpg natalie_denning_11.jpg

Download the famous Pamela Anderson home sex tape

- Some beach voyeur is spying at the girls and their beavers. I love summer!
- See what else you can do with a waxing machine, besides waxing the floor.
- A hot scene from Domino with a beautiful and young Keira Knightly.
- Haha - true old school breakers. Looks like baggy pants were not in back then.
- They are shooting with a paint ball gun on eachother, until one gives up.
- Check out ToxicJunction. A great video website with a lot of good videos.
- A girl with a nice round butt walks around a pool. I want to stick my finger in.
- Hi! I'm Chuck Storm...and I'm the biggest idiot in tv reporter history.
- Jessica got a stunning body and a very nice rack. I'd tap her! BE gallery.
- Another Japanese game show. This time it's "Dizzy Boxing". They are weird.
- Saddam and Osama. Jihad tv for kids. It's wrong, but it's also soo funny.
- Pole vault accident. If only the mats were bigger! It's called high jump...
- Girls & Corpses...what is that crap? I've never heard about it before...crazy.
- Who needs a guitar when you can have a hot girl. Great idea for a music clip.
- A blonde amateur webcam hottie shakes her ass. OH YEAH, baby. Looks nice!

Once again, I'm fucking late today. But I think it's still better to post it late then never. Tomorrow I should be finished earlier. Have a good night!

The sun is shining... on 08.07.2007 @ 18:24
  ...and I'm going to bed. I don't exactly know what it is, but I'm doing something wrong. I just came home for a somewhat lame party night and it's frigging bright outside. The last two weeks it was just raining all day long and now that it's once sunny I have to go to bed...kinda stupid. Anyway, I just need to take a look at Dawn Avril and the sun is shining again, at least in my head:

Dawn Avril
dawn_avril_01.jpg dawn_avril_02.jpg dawn_avril_17.jpg dawn_avril_19.jpg

- This webcam hottie gets rid off her sexy skirt and shows us her thong!
- The Wind. I knew it was French. Best commercial I've seen since ages.
- Guys, from a sports academy in Denmark are doing crazy jumps into a pool.
- I this heaven or what? 8 girls just wearing underwear are playing on a bed.
- Take a look at this amazing pair of boobies. I like em this big. Jump, jump!
- This dude, from the Discovery Channel eats the eyeball of a sheep. Yummy!
- This isn't the largest jump ever, but still you need to be pretty sure to make it.
- "This CD has been possessed by the devil". I really hope this story is true!
- She knew it was coming but still got scared like hell. She's cute...and smart!
- I thought just people can be so stupid, but looks like dogs can do that too.
- In this scene from "Clerks 2" you can see Rosario Dawson's boobs bounce.
- Finally a muscle monster who can use his body and do some cool moves.
- Have you ever seen a drunken ninja? Well, here is one. Drugs are bad!
- Some Asian amateur hottie films her hot body. Quality could be better...
- Top 13 most expensive cell phones. Most of them are ugly like hell.

So that's it for today. As you see I manged it, to post the update earlier than in the last few days. Have a nice evening.

A day at the court on 05.07.2007 @ 22:26
  Maybe some of you remember that I wrote about an incident a friend of mine had with the police after a regular visit in a club a few months ago. Yesterday another friend (who had to give evidence) told me, that I should come to the summons too and be a 2nd eyewitness. I wasn't really happy about that, esp. because I had to wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning, but of course I went with em. The result was pretty boring, nobody had to do a testimony, since my friend agreed to the changed terms of the accusation. Now he has to pay around 1k or work for 200 hours. So what did we learn today? Don't fuck with the police, they will always fuck YOU! I don't know how to do a transition to the todays gallery, but it's Jennifer Garner, waiting for you:

Jennifer Garner
jennifer_garner_01.jpg jennifer_garner_02.jpg jennifer_garner_03.jpg jennifer_garner_04.jpg

- These three wannabe cheerleaders are making out. Perfect sluts!
- Horrible police brutality. Beating on a lying suspect. They almost killed him.
- Great collection of funny accidents. The last one nuts. I want to do that too!
- Wanna see the BIGGEST BITCH in history? She's one click away...that's NUTS!
- Two true beauties are sitting on a bed and start to make out...seriously.
- Physic students are usually nerds, but these two guys are pretty cool.
- The wonderful Czech model Nella, poses nude in public. Aww, she's so hot!
- This kid is like 5-6 years old, but already a very good break dancer. Mad props!
- Tiffany is a stunning blonde bombshell with hot curves. BE gallery.
- Do you see the optical illusion in this gif? I tried for awhile.I'm not able to see it.
- Absolutely awesome bset of compilation of Michael Jordan. He's bigger than Ali!
- Same great song, but different video. Full of nice stunts, tricks, by regular ppl.
- Incredible golf ball ricochet accident. Is it faked? I don't know...looks cool.
- I would say that you can't use the word "owned" when two girls making out.
- Last but not least, a cute blonde webcam hottie, shows off her lingerie.

I know, I know. I'm fucking late today, but today I was busy 24h. I slept like 3 hours last night, drank 1,5L of RedBull, went to a dinner at a friends house and afterwards to a club, because a friend leaves the country for three months. Good night!

Back from Munich! on 01.07.2007 @ 19:20
  Overall it was a cool trip and we all had a lot of fun, but the whole party thing didn't work out that well. First we didn't drink enough and the way to the club was fucking long. We didn't exactly know where to go, so it took us like 2 hours to get to the club just to hear a "Not without a reservation" from the than we went to the "party mile" but that was already 3h after we left the appartment, everybody was tired and 3 of us just went home as we reached the club. I went in with 3 others and it was ok, but of course it could have been much better. Munich is full of rich folks with model friends. Every 2nd guy there is driving a Porsche or a BMW X5, which brings us to our todays gallery:

Straight from the catwalk
catwalk_girls_06.jpg catwalk_girls_02.jpg catwalk_girls_03.jpg catwalk_girls_04.jpg

- I really like the style of this amateur webcam chick...and her ass too.
- The street fighter Kimbo makes his MMA debut against Ray Mercer.
- Cool compilation video of various funny accidents. The bridegroom is the best!
- Der Sieg - That's the title of a filmlet by a student of the Munich film academy.
- I don't know from which movie this scene is, but it's a pretty hot one.
- Holy crap, that's an horrible accident. A car hits a biker at full speed...
- Prison Break - Panda style. Hehe, that's smart one. Looks very funny.
- A Brazilian chick with a stunning ass is walking around. That's a great view.
- Getting insinde...a giant ballon. What kind of weird hobby is that? 3rd try.
- Another fight video, which shows that you always need to get the first hit.
- If some celebrity really wants to own at MTV cribs, he needs to get this house.
- What the hell? This guy must have balls of steel. He's jumping on them...
- Looks like this woman really enjoyed the ride in the rally car. What a pussy!
- Some more footage of these crazy Japanese games. Guys on mini trikes.
- The Lingerie Bowl is much better than the real Super Bowl...damn, these girls!

I'm really tired, cause I slept like 8 hours in the last two days...time to catch up some sleep. Have a good evening.

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