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One year older. on 25.09.2008 @ 10:34
  Yep, hardcore visitors maybe remember that today is my birthday - turned 25 today. Damn, it's going downhill...pretty fast. Next time you look back you're 30 and the hot teen chicks will look at you with a weird face expression when you try hit on them in the club :/ But I still have 5 years to go. Thanks for all the kind comments in the last update - appreciate that a lot. Let's try the same with birthday greetings! Haha. Although this is a special day, I don't have an uber special gallery prepared, just a regular hot chick. Say hi to Daisy Marie. I hope you like her anyway:

Daisy Marie
daisy_marie_01.jpg daisy_marie_27.jpg daisy_marie_19.jpg daisy_marie_39.jpg

- Join us on a trip with the Sports Illustrated crew doing a sexy photoshoot.
- Fool pays the price for attempting to light up his fart. They never learn it.
- This is new. A freestyle rap battle translated..."I'm so much stronger then you"
- Sexy, black girl puts lotion on her enourmous boobies. Let me rub them.
- I have nothing against a fit body, but hell this woman looks like a fucking rock.
- George Brett tells a story about he shits in his pants. lol, that was weird.
- There's no doubt the inventor of Girls Gone Wild IS a fucking genius. Tit flash.
- A black hole. That's how it could look like...if we lived on fantasy island.
- Damn, this chick got one hell of an ass. I'd like to tap that thang a few times.
- Sign-postings in Russia...that's a class of its own. They must have been drunk.
- Fucked-up woman has a hilarious disaster. You try to drink 2L through your ass.
- You think that go-carts are toys for kids? Well this example is fucking fast...
- Talk about a smart advertisement for the latest Wario game on the Wii.
- Stunning hot, blonde amateur chick masturbates in the bathroom. Shave!!!
- The flying stick. I'm not exacty sure how she did this trick, but it's kinda cool.

Just to let you know, I'll look like this, if I don't get tons of birthday congratulation comments today. Besides that, here are a few links, I hadn't space for:
- I masturbate to Sarah Palin. Only reason why she should become vice.
- And why the hell got ugly-ass Minni Me, such a stunning girlfriend? My dick is longer then he is.

So that's it for today. Cya tomorrow with a new bunch of links!

I'm motivated! on 21.09.2008 @ 19:32
  Yeah, today I feel good and I'm pretty motivated, about going to the gym, work more and do other useful things. But let's see how long this phase will last! Hehe. Anyway, our today's gallery features the hottest exports Sweden has to offer, all blonde Swedish Sex Bombs. With girls like: Marie Plosjö, Natacha Peyre, Victoria Silvstedt and others:

Swedish Sex Bombs
swedish_sexbombs_01.jpg swedish_sexbombs_02.jpg swedish_sexbombs_03.jpg swedish_sexbombs_04.jpg

- Two college girls try to act sexy in front of a cam. They have to study harder.
- Some guys just got bigger balls then others. Like this insane balcony jumper.
- But some guys are just plain stupid. Like this Arab. Can shot off his head.
- That looks like a fucking awesome pool party. Lots of girls. Attn. preload ad.
- This kid killed his friend with a knife. But he seems to be pretty cool about it.
- I'd love to work for this company. You gotta swear a lot. Bud commercial.
- This video shows us, that not all girls should be allowed to do webcam videos.
- Somebody please explain me, why would you do this? Handcuffed bodycheck.
- Cushions to rule them all. Big boobs would make LotR actually a good movie.
- How the fuck can somebody live in such a mess? I would puke all day long.
- Sandra Shine does a little teasing video. You're officially gay, if you don't like it.
- This is a kinda weird, but also funny flash filmlet. "I did not shit in his truck!"
- If college parties would be really this full of sex. I'd be there every fucking day.
- Looks like his "I lay myself down" trick didn't work out that well. Ouch.
- Some French idiot dressed like a kangaroo, jumps around and harasses people.

I'm a bit late today, sorry about that - but yeah, it's Sunday. Last link today: The stupid woman. Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

Busy, busy. on 18.09.2008 @ 13:07
  Not not excatly sure why, but during the last few days I've been getting tons of calls from all kind of people and I'm just running from one meeting to another. But like always I take my time to present you the hottest galleries and the best links on the net. Our today's celebrity gallery features a well-known actress. I'm talking about Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was deeply in love with her, during her time on "Buffy":

Sarah Michelle Gellar
sarah_michelle_gellar_01.jpg sarah_michelle_gellar_03.jpg sarah_michelle_gellar_11.jpg sarah_michelle_gellar_39.jpg

- Alison Angel does a sexy, little dance for us. I fucking adore her boobs.
- Every girl should do this: 21yo. auctions off virginity for grad school. Hell yeah.
- Corner man knocked out by referee. I hope the referee got some too.
- There is not much better then two drunk amateur lesbians. You gotta love em.
- Ok, Adriana Lima may be better, but it's def. a tough decision. Compilation vid.
- In Japan they don't have boxers, but instead they use bears to fight. Tztz.
- And here's some more animal action. This time dog's gotta act like humans.
- Some skinny and kinda skanky chick shows her perky tits in public. Boob-job!
- Haha, that's the type of videos I love. Stupid noobs/women get owned! Yes.
- I don't like Emo's at all. But some girls are pretty hot. Gallery 1, 2 and 3.
- Kids are pretty hardcore these days. This one delivers a pretty serious fight.
- These poor dudes got the shittiest job in town. In German but you'll laugh!
- God damn, where is this car wash station located. It's full of hot sluts in bikinis.
- Old lady faceplants on concrete for no reason. Haha, invisible obstacle. FTW.
- Hurrican Ike. This cop shouldn't use his ATV, but a surfboard like the others!

Last but not least. If you got a job and don't like it all the time, watch this video and be happy you don't have to do his job! ;) Cya all tomorrow.

What a hangover! on 14.09.2008 @ 13:10
  Yesterday I was out with my boys and like always we drank a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It wasn't THAT MUCH, but damn - I got the worst hangover today. Usually I drink about the same amount I did yesterday without having any problems on the next day at all. Enough of my whining...let's go to our today's awesome gallery. It features uberhot Beach Volleyball Cheerleaders. They are hotter then the average Cheerleader I've seen so far. What do you say?

Beach Volleyball Cheerleader
beach_volleyball_cheerleader_82.jpg beach_volleyball_cheerleader_07.jpg beach_volleyball_cheerleader_49.jpg beach_volleyball_cheerleader_38.jpg

- Cute, blonde amateur chick makes a hot video for her boyfriend. Lucky bastard.
- Vicious tackle sends dude crawling back to the bench. That gotta hurt.
- In your face. Funny video compilation of various ball-to-face accidents. Hehe.
- Two bitches have fun together during a college party. Let me join, please!
- Usually it is the bouncers who beat up people. This time they got stabbed.
- Kid eats roman candle shot. He literally eats it. Enjoy your meal, buddy.
- Webcam hottie Paige knows what a good webcam video needs. Hotness
- Female Japanese reporter talks while a huge pig humps behind her back. Hrrr.
- She's a magican. Look at her only trick. She can hide her fist. You're awesome!
- This cannon doesn't just steals a purse, he kinda steals the whole woman.
- Great picture compilation of the past Olympic games. Got some real good ones.
- Idiot frat guy gets a branding with an apple cutter. Congrats, you're a moron!
- Sexy blonde girl shows off her body. I have to say, I like what I see. Yum.
- The Sticky Not experiment. They used over 280.000 sticky notes. Respect!
- Something hot for the end. A blonde and a fucking wonderful dark haired.

I just want to make sure you check out the last link I posted. That webcam chick knows what she's doing. Have a nice evening and cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

Looking for an appartment on 11.09.2008 @ 19:07
  I'm once again looking for a appartment. Since I sold my old one 3 months ago, I'm now living with my parents again. It's not horrible here, but of course having my own place is much better. But it's really a pain in the ass to find an affordable but also cool place. Our today's gallery features once again a sexy Asain chick, named Justine Jaro. I'm totally diggin' her looks:

Justine Jaro
justine_jaro_02.jpg justine_jaro_20.jpg justine_jaro_31.jpg justine_jaro_41.jpg

- Peeking on girls in a dressing room have been always a good thing. Hehe.
- Haha, awesome example of how not to do a backflip. I lol'ed hard. Poor guy.
- It's always funny to see people do a faceplant after they acted real cool.
- A video which contains Alison Angel's titties must be good. There's no doubt.
- If you're this drunk you know you fucking made it. Mad props to this drunk.
- Nasty sand dune accident sends bodies flying out of the vehicle. Crazy.
- Some slut is flashing her huge titties in public. Why do I never see them.
- More video material how not to do a backflip. This is beyond awesomeness.
- Everybody knows the high-voice effect of helium. But how about a dark voice?
- They launched the Large Hadron Collider - and nothing happend. Hmm.
- Guy gets knocked the fuck out during a rodeo show, before it even started.
- First she shows her titties to hundreds of guys, then she cries. Hmmm.
- A pretty damn weird dance style. How would you call it? Emo dance?
- Brunette amateur chick films herself while masturbating. That's the right way.
- Why does she hold that bag in front of her mouth? She still pukes next to it.

I'm a little late today - I know, I'm sorry. Have a good evening and come back tomorrow for a new bunch. Posted earlier - I promise.

Hmmm... on 07.09.2008 @ 19:24
  ...yet, not much happend during the last few days. That's why I'm going straight to our today's gallery - which is rather kinda special. I named it Girls Got Milk. I think this title is pretty self-explanatory. It's full of girls, playing with milk. I wanted to do something more unique then just a gallery with the usual hot blonde, I hope you like it:

Girls Got Milk
girls_got_milk_06.jpg girls_got_milk_09.jpg girls_got_milk_48.jpg girls_got_milk_51.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- Big boobed, amateur blonde chick shakes her titties. Get rid of the bra babe!
- How to stop a fight. Start to cry - always a possiblity. That guy was aggressive.
- Russian high jumper shows up to trials completely drunk. Haha, he's awesome.
- I bet this is the best Christmast party you have ever seen. Three lesbains!!
- Crazy hippies wail over a dead tree. See kids, don't do drugs. They are bad!
- Want to get a clean car? Let these guys do the job. Fucking awesome result!
- Dude gets rejected by fat drunk girl. He needs to get a loser tattoo. Tztz.
- A dark haired chick shows off her body at the beach - to random dudes.
- Crackheads beat the crap out of each other. They never know when to stop.
- Cool video of a plane, that breaking the sonic barrier. Looks really cool.
- Blonde stunner at a pool. Looks like that pool is in heaven. Fucking fine.
- The fastest booby car. It does 130km/h. Pretty fast, for a piece of plastic.
- It finally happened! One of those drive-by instult kids ate a nice face hit.
- Gabriella's tits are a wonderland. They are like two, soft planets. Yummy.
- I don't think this boat can be also used as a submarine. But they tried it.

Today the update is online a little later then during the last few days, but compared to average Sunday update it's ok I would say. Cya tomorrow with a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

The Phun Hot 100 on 04.09.2008 @ 11:54
  A lot of Magazines and website's got their own Top 100 ranking of the hottest babes. Now got it's own list - thanks to Jammsbro for his hard work. He collected the votes and put together the final list. Here you got the full list: Places 100-81; 80-61; 60-41; 40-21; 20-10 and the TOP 10. Make sure to check the list, you'll find a lot of hot girls you haven't seen before.
Our today's gallery features another hottie, she didn't make it to the list, but nontheless, she's hot. I'm talking about Mya Harrison:

Mya Harrison
mya_harrison_01.jpg mya_harrison_02.jpg mya_harrison_03.jpg mya_harrison_04.jpg

Download the secret sex tape of the Croation pop star Severina Vuckovic

- A big-boobed, dark-haired girls plays with her massive titties. Yum! Yum!
- Haha, it looks kinda funny, when you try to do a news report during a storm.
- Usually skaters don't need help to crash. But these two helped eachother.
- Webcam pro Nyli knows of course what a good show needs. I want more!
- These guys for sure aren't afraid of water. They jump into the biggest waves.
- Finally a competition worth watching. Girls running on high-heels. Respect!!
- You're looking for some good ol' homemade porn? Make sure to this site.
- They need three cops to get this fat lady under control. LOL @ the fat female.
- Diddy must be taking tons of drugs. This isn't pro Obama, it's contra Diddy.
- Porn's greatest jailbirds. I didn't know there were so many of them. Tztz.
- These girls play soccer. But I guess one of them confused it with football.
- Being Jessica Alba's boyfriend sure helps to promote your gay internet biz.
- If I ever pass out, this is the only prank I accept. Rub pussy juice over my face.
- Do you spot the stupid security guard? That was a nice move. OMFG.
- Amateur slut does a little webcam show for us. Yeah, she got potential.

So, that's it for today. I hope you like the links. Come back tomorrow for a new bunch. Stay tuned.

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