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Trash vs. Glamour on 30.11.2006 @ 12:45
  These days everybody is talking about Britney Spears and her totally "accidental" upskirt pictures. I'm not exactly sure when she turned out to be a slut. After her marriage with that K-fed clown, or now that she's hanging out a lot with the other slut Paris Hilton. All I hope is that somebody will release her sex tape and that it will be as good as Paris' video. I also hope it isn't just a big fake. But now to a woman who is exactly the opposite of a slut. The glamorous Nicole Kidman. She's the perfect example of a fine lady and I thought we all need some diversion these days:

Nicole Kidman
nicole_kidman_01.jpg nicole_kidman_02.jpg nicole_kidman_03.jpg nicole_kidman_04.jpg

SingleGirlPortal - Hundreds of Single Girl galleries

- There's a new Jaime Hammer webcam video out there. I love her!
- This woman doesn't got boobs, she got watermelons. Two big ones!
- This is the most hardcore clip you'll ever see. In the name of science.
- A couple of Saudi Arabian guys in sandals skate down the highway. Insane!!
- Street Fighter, the years later. Part 2 of the video. Brings back memories.
- Holy cow Jenn Sterger is one smoking hot cheerleader. Gallery.
- Two consecutive failed attempts to jump a line of cars. What a crash!
- Check out YouShare. The new place to upload all kind of files!
- Why do my bar pickups never act like these girls. Funny movie scene.
- Some sport reporters are talking, and one asks are you retarded? LOL...
- Winningest football coach ever. He's a coach since 50 years and still works.
- Yummy...Ericka is a hot brunette wearing a bikini. Bullz-Eye gallery.
- He must have confused this bank, with a drive through bank. Crash video.
- Nice compilation video of the basketball Allstar team of 2001. Great moves.
- Some stunning blonde pole dancer is getting naked during the dance.

Thanks for the numerous comments about the design change of Looks like the majority just want some smaller changes. I'll try to get some sketches and show you these, so you can select the one you like the most. Have a nice day!

The average drinking-feast on 26.11.2006 @ 15:39
  I went to my favourite local club and wasted almost 100 bucks on drinks. Talked with several girls, but went home alone. That sucks major balls. As long as you talk about boring stuff everything is ok, but as soon as you tell them that you want to take them home they start to act crazy. "No, I don't do this...we should know eachother better..." yeeeah, for sure! :/
At least I got a super-hottie in our todays gallery. I'm talking about the Penthouse pet Hannah Hilton. During the last few weeks tons of blogs featured galleries of her and brings you collection of all her sets available:

Hannah Hilton
hannah_hilton_09.jpg hannah_hilton_22.jpg hannah_hilton_39.jpg hannah_hilton_47.jpg

Watch Abi Titmuss sucking a dick und licking a black pussy!

- A sexy chick is posing on a couch. I love such short skirts!
- Hot blonde girl with a perfect rack is having fun in her whirlpool.
- Some girl is flashing her boobs on a hotel balcony...why not?
- New slalom skateboarding world record by Martin Sweeney, damn, he's fast!
- Webcam + schoolgirl outfit + lollipop + hot girl = perfect combination.
- A dark haired girl, with massive boobs is touching herself. She enjoys it.
- Complete BBC report about Hooligans during the Soccer Champ. in Germany.
- Arie Spears is a 4 in 1 rapper. He can perfectly imitate LL, Snoop, DMX, Jay-Z.
- Part 3 of the wonderful Jaime Hammer webcam show. Maybe a repost...
- Spiderman 3 Sneak Peak Part 1, I say, the first part was the best one!
- Luba is such a wonderful women. I could stare at her, all night long.
- Wonderful collection of cat pictures. Some are cute, some funny!
- Looks like these guys had never played bowling before...dumbasses!
- How cocaine is made. There's a lot of crap in there. Not sure if I should try it.
- A bad day in the life of Tiger Woods funny prank! The spectators are shocked!

That's it for this week. I hope you had a good weekend and don't forget to check back tomorrow for a new Thong Of The Week Vote!

Dinner time on 23.11.2006 @ 16:10
  Today evening I'm going to a date with a chick I met 2 weeks ago in a club. I really liked her look and she seemed to be pretty cool too. But I have to add, that I was really drunk back then. We will see how things go, I'll let you know in the next update. Btw. she got some nice boobies, but they could be bigger. I really like the size Lucy Pinder got. That's why I collected a bunch of girls with huge boobs and put their pics together in one big gallery, I'm sure you will love it:

Big Boobed Girls
big_boobed_girls_01.jpg big_boobed_girls_02.jpg big_boobed_girls_04.jpg big_boobed_girls_06.jpg

Download the secret sex tape of the Croation pop star Severina Vuckovic.

- Some cute college girl takes her clothes off for her boyfriend. Yummy.
- A couple of girls mud wrestle at Spring Break in Daytona. I like it!
- Absolutely hilarious collection of the most embarassing moments on live TV.
- That's like the perfect blinde date. Here's Part 2. Two very lucky guys...
- The trailer to the new Van Wilder movie. Seems to be really cool.
- Part 2 of the wonderful Jaime Hammer webcam show. Better than part 1!
- AllAdvantage is back. They pay you for surfing around, but this time it works!
- Three guys peeking at some girls in the shower. Funny old school movie scene.
- Two girls are trampling on the cheast of some dude. A weird fetish that is.
- Collection of girls flashing their boobies. I really like this tradition.
- Jessica is a brunette beauty wearing a red bikini. Bullz-Eye gallery.
- Now this guy got some balls. Jumping with a skatebaord off a bridge.
- Kinda funny and sexy interactive flash game. Try to get the girl naked.
- Very funny video compilation of various basketball bloppers. Wonderful!
- That's what I call gymnastic skills. It's Kyle Shewfelt, Olympic champion.

That's it for today. I should almost change the title of the todays update, because she cancled the date and I went nowhere. She didn't even give a real reason...that's how women are!

The weekend... on 19.11.2006 @ 18:11
  ..was exhausting but great too. On Friday I was on a dinner with some friends, which ended at 8 o'clock in the morning, I just slept 5 hours and had to work the whole Saturday. I was really tired at the evening but some friends convinced me to go to a club and there I met an old female friend. I haven't seen her since over a half year and totally forgot that she got the most beautiful smile I've ever seen! Even Alyssa Milano doesn't got such a smile. But she was still the only reason why I watched Charmed some years ago. Our gallery features some nude pics, so don't miss it:

Alyssa Milano
alyssa_milano_01.jpg alyssa_milano_02.jpg alyssa_milano_03.jpg alyssa_milano_04.jpg

CamWithHer presents you the hottest webcam girls on the net!

- Here's a nice example of a hot webcam girl. What a stunning body!
- Shhh. "I want you" says this webcam hottie. I don't say no to her. Hell not!
- Holy fucking cow. Vida Guerra as a sexy nurse in some movie scene. The ass!
- Haha, who got the bigger knife? The robber or the saleswomen?
- Jamie Hammer is now doing cam shows! God, her rack looks so amazing.
- A compilation video of various celebrity upskirt scenes. Pam wins, for sure!
- I want such an air hockey robot. That's some pretty impressive technology.
- Here's part II of the mistakes in the James Bond movies.
- Two skater kiddies are fighting. Looks like they got nothing better to do
- I didn't know that you can do so many things with boobs. Crazy lady.
- Oldy but goldy. Christina Applegate wearing a bikini in "Married with Children".
- Marketa Belonoha in some very nice photoshoot. Hot gallery.
- Some people waited 3 days in line to get a PS3, these guys destroy one!
- Oh yes, that's one stunning beauty. Video of a photoshooting.
- Tracy Morgan: Blackass. Never heard of that guy before, but I like him!

So, finally I'm done. I hope you had a good weekend and you're now prepared for the new week. Check back tomorrow for a new Thong Of The Week Vote.

Lazy days on 16.11.2006 @ 12:04
  I wasn't really busy during the last few days. Although there's a lot of work to be done, but I'm absolutely not motivated to do anything. Mostly because I'm pissed off a girl...I mean if there's something going wrong, it's always the fault of a women! ;) So, one girl can be pain in the ass. But how about two girls? Like Sandy and Ashleigh. Together they are a somking hot duo! I could watch them making out the whole day:

Sandy does Ash
sandy_does_ash_02.jpg sandy_does_ash_03.jpg sandy_does_ash_14.jpg sandy_does_ash_24.jpg

Download the famous Pamela Anderson home sex tape

- Some blonde hottie is slowly getting rid of her clothes while lying on a bed.
- Very teasing video with Shay Laren. She gets naked too...and beyond!
- A slow motion view of Scarlett Johannson and her enormous juggs.
- What's better than 1 girl? 2 Girls! But three girls are even better!
- Amazing dice stacking skills. It's crazy what you can do with dice. Respect!
- The hottest girls on the planet. The title doesn't lie. Great video compilation!
- The joys of listening to music sung in another language Fuck you in the ass!
- He's a backwards bowler. He must be even better facing forwards.
- Jaden is a busty amateur model with a massive rack. I'd hit it! Gallery.
- Ohh...she got a real problem. Her boobs are too big for this tiny bikini.
- Taren got one hot body. She's posing in various lingerie. Bullz-Eye gallery.
- Haha, nice prank. Some women were tricked by hot male models...
- Two girls from Big Brother (country?) are jumping naked into the pool.
- 24 baseball hits in 31 seconds. That's a lot of pain in such a short time period.
- A hilarious midget fight on the Jerry Springer show. But it was kinda unfair.

Keep comming the comments, esp. the possitive ones! ;) I'm now going to play some indoor soccer, since I need to increase my endurance. I'm partying too much lately...Have a nice day!

Lets go to prison on 12.11.2006 @ 19:04
  I already mentioned a part of this story in the update on Friday. On Thursday I went with some friends to a club, where the percentage of women should be around 70%, according to some guys who told me this. The club was horrible and they had less girls there, than in any other club I've been. One of my friends tried to dance with some girl, who was there with her bf. Blabla, it ended up, that she went to a bouncer and told him my friend was touching her or st like that. End of story, he had to leave the club, what wasn't a big problem, since it sucked anyway. But than things went a bit rough and he got a bit aggressive and after some time outside the police decided to keep him in jail over the night. But now to something better. Our todays gallery showing you a lot of boobies. These Mardi Gras girls are sexy! We need such a festival here too:

Mardi Gras Girls
mardi_gras_flasher_01.jpg mardi_gras_flasher_02.jpg mardi_gras_flasher_03.jpg mardi_gras_flasher_04.jpg

- Another video of the incredible sexy Nicole. Her body is just perfect!
- How to photocopy your boobs. Asian girl is trying it, she got nice boobs!
- Now this is one crazy dude. He puts himself on fire and rides on a skateboard.
- A girl gets paid 400 bucks to pump gas naked. She got some nice boobies!
- Seems like Lexus' new automatic park system has its problems. The idea is cool!
- Gettting dressed with Kirsten Dunst. She looks nice, which movie is it?
- A blonde chick is having fun at a pool. She doesn't need a man for this!
- Part 2 of the Cartman goes nuts over Wii South Park episode.
- Clearification, commercial for Windows Vista, with comedian Demetri Martin.
- Hot video of a photoshooting with a blonde bomshell. I'd hit it twice!
- Veronica Zemanova is one nice Czech girl. I want to bang her. Gallery
- This guy is surfing an ICE, a 300km/h fast train. He did because of leukemia.
- You want to have your own small submarine? Here's a home-made one!
- Wanna hypnose yourself? Try it, by watching these bouncing boobies. Works!
- Here's some proof that being a photographer is the best job in the world.

As usual the Sunday update is online a bit later. Hope you don't mind. Have a nice evening and stay tuned for the tomorrows new Thong Of The Week Vote!

I need new furniture on 09.11.2006 @ 12:32
  I tell you, it's major pain if you don't got a girlfriend who tells you which stuff you should buy and which one not. Now I have to go and find all the things on my own. I mean I don't have a problem with buying a huge TV and the sound-system, but I'm not really into searching and buying cabinets and decorative stuff. That's why it still looks like I moved in yesterday, although it's over a week ago. Maybe Denise Richards will go on a shopping spree with me. According to the paparazzi pics she's shopping very often:

Denise Richards
denise_richards_01.jpg denise_richards_02.jpg denise_richards_03.jpg denise_richards_04.jpg

- That's a fucking ass overload. Four young chicks are shaking their asses!
- This cutie just got two new boobies. She says she loves em - I love em too!
- A hot blonde chick is spilling water over her white t-shirt. Good idea!
- Here's the video to the photoshoot of Keeley Hazell as Christina Aguilera.
- Denmark rules! Why? Because topless girls are holding their speed-limit signs.
- Hehe, this is one very happy baby. It's laughing all the time. So cute!
- Video of a photoshooting of the stunning Leann Tweeden. What a body!
- Some badass graffiti work. I wonder how long it took him to paint all that.
- Full-length DVD-quality porn movies for download, absolutely FREE. It works.
- Some scenes and interviews with Borat. Did you already watch the movie?
- Tina is a stunning brunette, posing in a bikini! Bullz-Eye gallery!
- Sexy window washer. Two hotties are doing their work wearing lingerie.
- Another movie, which shows how a pelican eats a pigeon. What a crazy world!
- The Mr. Olympia contest. Coleman vs. Cutler. All these guys are nuts.
- A tribute to Michael Schumacher, the greatest F1 driver in the world

I'm now driving with some friends into a club, where 70% of the people should be hot females. I hope this information is right, otherwise I have to kick some asses. Have a nice day!

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